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Our Groups

The Office of Counseling Services offers several groups each semester focused on personal development. Each of the groups offered is free to students and does not take away from your individual sessions. For more information about the groups listed below, please contact the Office of Counseling Services at (850) 599-3145.

Seeking Safety Therapy Group

Something from your past preventing you from feeling safe? Want to learn how to cope and feel like you once again? Students will learn to build safety after trauma.

Understanding Self & Others Interpersonal Process Group

Want to learn more about yourself? This group is for you if you experience difficulties such as facing conflicts, difficulty sharing emotions with other and trouble maintaining relationships. Talk to your therapist about joining this group!

Wind Down Wednesday

Trouble resting your nerves? Struggling to manage your stress? Constantly feel on edge? Learn to improve your functioning and daily wellbeing relaxation skills and meditation. For more information contact, Dr. Chika Hooper at (850) 599-3145

Empowering You

Learn to be the best YOU you can be. Empower yourself by increasing your self-esteem.

Rattlers In Focus (RIF)

RIF is a four week interactive substance use (alcohol and other drugs) prevention workshop series. For more information contact, Mr. Dougla-Khan Stancil at (850) 599-3145


Sometimes fellas need to talk to just fellas. Join us for refreshments and good conversation. For more information contact, Dr. Marquis Stewart at (850) 599-3145.

Contact Info

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P: 850.599.3145
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