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Office of Counseling Services

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Office of Counseling Services
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Who are Certified Peer Educators?

Certified Peer Educators are a diverse group of students who are trained to teach fellow students about pertinent health issues in a positive, interactive and nonjudgmental manner. Topics range from alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, nutrition/body image/eating disorders, sexual assault prevention and education, stress management, and more! By participating the Certified Peer Educator program, you will develop skills that will aid in your personal, academic, and professional development.

Becoming a Peer Educator

The peer educator program is open to interested students majoring in psychology and students must complete the CPE training program, which is a comprehensive, 12-hour formal training to empower students to educate, confront, listen to, and help their peers make healthy lifestyle choices.

The training teaches peer educators to:
  • understand the basics of prevention regardless of a particular health specialty
  • become a caring helper to others
  • provide awareness on health and safety risks
  • make referrals of students at risk to professionals
  • conduct educational programs and events
  • increase their leadership abilities
  • increase awareness of personal wellness
  • teach team building

Certified peer educators (CPEs) meet with students who want helpful guidance from a peer’s perspective. CPEs meet with students in the Department of Psychology during CPE office hours. 

Student who would like to meet with a CPE may call the Department of Psychology at 599-3014 for more information.