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Office of Counseling Services

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
Phone  850.599.3145
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Office of Counseling Services
101 Sunshine Manor
Tallahassee, FL 32307

Active Minds

A little history about the FAMU chapter of Active Minds…


The FAMU chapter of Active Minds was founded in Spring 2009. We understand that the stigma associated with mental health may be great, but among the African American community, it is even greater. We, as a chapter, take responsibility for addressing mental health issues among African Americans through our Active Minds chapter.


Statistics convey that African Americans are over-represented in high-need populations that are particularly at risk for mental illness (i.e. homelessness, incarceration, foster care, and exposure to violence); in addition, the percentage of African American receiving needed care [for mental health illness] is only half of non-Hispanic whites.


Currently, we are the 200th chapter of Active Minds, and the 2nd HBCU chapter (the first HBCU is Delaware State); however we aim to become the 1st HBCU chapter that implements a culturally relevant program that addresses mental health issues for African American college students.


Should you be interested in making an impact on campus by joining Active Minds or have any questions, please fill out the Student Information Sheet and email the form to the FAMU chapter of Active Minds at famuactiveminds@gmail.com or drop off the form at the Office of Counseling Services- 101 Sunshine Manor (house across from Tucker Hall).