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Center for Global Security and International Affairs

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Center for Global Security and International Affairs
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Study Abroad Opportunities

Studying abroad provides a lifetime of benefits. Benefits such as enhancement of global outlook, promotes personal and intellectual growth while increasing marketability in the job market.

Academic Semester Abroad

Study abroad provides a lifetime of benefits. It facilitates personal and intellectual growth increases marketability in the job market, and promotes cultural awareness. FAMU scholars in the program will have the opportunity to spend at least one semester abroad. Students will be provided a scholarship ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 each depending on the country that a scholar chooses to study. The academic semester abroad component is designed to facilitate the development of language proficiency, cross-cultural competencies, and knowledge of international affairs.

Short-Term Language and Cultural Immersion Abroad

Each summer, select students will be chosen to participate in a three to four-week language and cultural immersion experience abroad. The students will be required to complete a related research project and will be led by a faculty member who will supervise their work. Students participating in this experience will receive 3-4 credit hours. This experience is designed to complement the IC-CAE curriculum and the cumulative development of students' academic skills: cross-cultural competencies, knowledge of international relations/affairs, and foreign language proficiencies.