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Black Male College Explorers Program

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Black Male College Explorers Program
501 Orr Drive
GEC-C Suite 305
Tallahassee, Florida 32307


 The Give One ($1) to Save One campaign was launched on Father’s Day, June 19, 2011 across the state of Florida. This program was initiated by the Black Male College Explorers Program at Florida A&M University and has since grown to encompass partnerships with The Juvenile Justice Research Institute, Florida A&M University, Career Center, Florida A&M University, Cornerstone Solutions, Inc.,  National Society of Christian Educators, Inc., Ernest J. Lane’s Men’s Apparel, Promise Center of Excellence, and SokheChapke Publishing Inc. This statewide effort is intended to bring attention to the plight of young Black male students in Florida, as well as addressing the academic, social, economic and historical problems that these young men encounter in classroom settings.

The Give One ($1) to Save One initiative will aggressively target Florida communities where young Black males are living in poverty, are exposed to higher than average unemployment, suffer enormous levels of juvenile delinquency, and are under supervision of the juvenile justice system through incarceration. The initiative will also seek the active engagement of and support from resources such as churches, community-based organizations, and private agency to achieve the financial objective. 

Since high school dropouts place a substantially large burden on the economy in a variety of ways, failing to empower Black males to reach their highest potential is a social and economic tragedy for Florida and the nation as a whole. The Give One ($1) to Save One initiative will effectively stem the tide of the high dropout rate, which currently impacts a large majority of Black males.

For Information Contact:
Ms. Adel Manatee
(850) 561-2407