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Department of Biology

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Department of Biology
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Tallahassee, Florida 32307
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Requirements for a Bachelor’s of Science Degree
Pre-Medicine or Pre-Dentistry Track (checklist)
General information
The biology department offers degree programs for 3 specialty tracks. The information contained on this curriculum guide has been especially prepared for students who wish to obtain BS degree in biology with Pre-Medicine/ Pre-Dentistry emphasis. The course requirements and hours that must be completed have been outlined on this page. Subsequent page have a suggested schedule for each semester.

Biology Core Courses: 40 Hours
These must be completed by all specialty tracks. Each course must be completed with a grade of “C” or better for graduation. This includes lectures and laboratories. BSC 1010 and BSC 1011 must be completed with a “C” or above in lecture and laboratory before a student can progress to a higher level course.

Course Prefix and NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
BSC 1010General Biology I ( Lec and Lab)4
BSC 1011General Biology II (Lec and Lab)4
PCB 2033Ecology3
BOT 2313 or BOT 3303Plant Anatomy (Lec and Lab) or Plant Morphology3
PCB 3063CGenetics4
MCB 3020CMicrobiology4
ZOO 3653Developmental Anatomy3
BSC 2093Anatomy and Physiology I ( Lec and Lab)4
BSC 2094Anatomy and Physiology II ( Lec and Lab)4
PCB 4023Molecular Cell Biology4
BSC 4930Professional Seminar1
BSC 3926Professional Development for Biology2

Biology Electives: 10 Hours

Course Prefix and NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
ZOO 3753Histology4
ZOO 4233Parasitology3
PCB 4233Immunology3
PCB 4674Evolutionary Biology3
BSC 4434Bioinformatics3
ZOO 4513Animal Behavior3
ZOO 3713Comparative Anatomy4
PCB 3723Vertebrate Physiology ( Lec and Lab)4
PCB 4024Advanced Molecular and Cell Biology3

**Information pertaining to Gordon Rule Compliance, General Education Sequence and the General Education Approved Course list may be obtained from the university general catalog. A student may, if they have the appropriate prerequisites, enroll in pre-calculus or calculus I in lieu of college algebra their freshmen year. Therefore the additional hours required for graduation may be taken by completing free electives. A student must have between 7-13 math credits depending on which prerequisites are taken. In addition to the core courses and the biology elective courses, the following courses must be completed: 8-10 hours physics, 24 hours chemistry, calculus I and biostatistics or statistics. To qualify for a bachelor’s degree in an academic discipline, a student must complete 120 semester hours, which includes the state of Florida requirements, the institutional requirements and the curriculum requirements.

Curriculum Guide


General Biology I
(lec and Lab)
BSC 10104General Biology II
(lec and lab)
BSC 10114
General Chemistry 
(lec and lab)
CHM 10454General Chemistry II
( lec and lab)
CHM 10464
Freshman Comm. SkillsENC 11013Freshman Comm. Skills IIENC 11023
College Algebra or Pre-CalculusMAC 1105 or  11473 or 4Trigonometric functions or Calculus IMAC 1114 or 23113 or 4
Professional Development for BiologyBSC 39262   


EcologyPCB 20333MicrobiologyMCB 3020C4
Organic Chemistry I
(lec and lab)
CHM 22104Organic Chemistry II
(lec and lab)
CHM 22114
Humanities 3Humanities 3
Calculus I MAC 23114Social Science
(Psychology) - Suggested

Statistics/ BiostatisticsSTA 20233
African American Experience / HistoryAFA3104 or
AMH 2091


GeneticsPCB 3063C4Plant Anatomy/MorphologyBOT 3303/23133
Anatomy Physiology I
(Lab and Lecture)
 BSC 20934Anatomy Physiology II
(Lab and Lecture)
 BSC 20944
Biochemistry I
(lec and lab)
 BCH 40334Biochemistry II
(lec and lab)
 BCH 40344
General Physics I or
College Physics I
PHY 2048
or 2053
5/4General Physics II or
College Physics II
PHY 2049
or 2054


Developmental AnatomyZOO 36533Biology Elective
(Histology) - suggested
Biology Elective 3/4Biology Elective
(Vertebrate Physiology) - suggested
Professional Seminar BSC 49301 Molecular Cell Biology PCB 40234
Free Elective
(above 2000 level)
 3Free Elective
(above 2000 level)
Free Elective
(above 2000 level)

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A copy must remain in the student’s folder. Qualifications for graduation will be determined from the requirements contained in this document.