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Office of University Assessment

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Office of University Assessment
PO Box 70600
SBI Modular 96, Florida A and M University
Tallahassee, FL 32307

Office of University Assessment Mission Statement

Grounded in Florida A&M University (FAMU) Mission Statement, the Office of University Assessment(OUA) at FAMU is designed to promote excellence in student learning across academic programs and administrative and educational support units. Central to our philosophy and practice is the cultivation of a culture of evidence-gathering through the implementation of a manageable and sustainable assessment process that leads to continuous improvement. Through ongoing training and consultation services, the office operationalizes the development of a university-wide culture of assessment wherein intentional, effective and efficient programs and services can be developed and refined to support the University's mission of excellence.

Consistent with the Mission of the OUA is the achievement of the following goals and objectives.

Assessment Goals/Objectives

Goal I
Academic Improvement - Strengthen the quality of student learning outcomes, reflective of the development of 21st-century skills needed to compete in an increasingly diverse and global society.

  • Objective - Develop student learning goals and/or objectives with specific assessment measures consistent with best-practices for each academic program and use results to improve student learning outcomes and teaching effectiveness.

Goal II
Service Improvement - Strengthen the quality of services provided by educational and administrative support units.
  • Objective - Support the development of performance-based strategies and measures to monitor and document efficiency and effectiveness in conjunction with client satisfaction with the quality of services provided.

Goal III
Accountability - Facilitate the implementation of assessment activities that meet and/or exceed accountability expectations established by the Florida Legislature, Board of Trustees and accrediting and licensing bodies.
  • Objective - Facilitate the implementation of activities that will meet and/or exceed the accountability requirements mandated by the Florida Legislature, Board of Trustees and accrediting and licensing bodies.

Goal IV
Communication - Collect, analyze, maintain, communicate and disseminate institutional information to support assessment and general awareness of student learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness.
  • Objective - Support assessment committees in promoting communication relative to student learning outcomes across instructional programs, educational and administrative support units.