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Office of University Assessment
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FAMOUS Assessment Process

Assessment at FAMU is based upon the FAMOUS assessment approach which involves six sequential and precise steps. Each letter of the acronym “FAMOUS” represents an important step that is connected to the next step in a chain that ultimately comes together to contribute to the goal of successfully developing and implementing an effective assessment plan. The assessment planning forms at FAMU, therefore, facilitate the documentation of the six steps. You can click at the links below to access the FAMOUS Approach, FAMOUS Guiding Questions and the FAMOUS Flowchart.


FAMOUS Flowchart


FAMU Assessment Planning Forms (APF)

·         Administrative and Educational Support Units (ADESU)

·         Instructional Programs (IP)

·         IP FAMOUS FORM for Corrective Actions

·         Research

·         Community Service

·         Educational Support Service

·         General Education (GE)

·         Course

·          Implemented Changes Data Collection Form

Sample Completed FAMU Assessment Planning Forms

·         Administrative and Educational Support Units (ADESU)

·         Instructional Programs (IP)

·         General Education (GE)

·          Implemented Changes Data Collection Form


Instructions for completing FAMU Assessment Planning Forms

The assessment process at FAMU follows the FAMOUS approach, which consists of six steps. This form facilitates the documentation of this six-step process. Please direct further questions that you may have about this process directly to the Office of University Assessment, Division of Academic Affairs.


This assessment planning form is broken down into six boxed sections. To fill it out, please enter all information in the non-shaded boxes. Each assessment cycle spans one full year that begins in September and ends in October. For each cycle, from your program/unit long list of outcomes/objectives, choose 5-7 Expected Educational Outcomes/Functional Objectives to focus on during the current year.

Beginning of the Assessment Cycle (SEPTEMBER )

Please complete the following items on this form:

General Information

  • Identify the Degree Program/Administrative Department and Educational Support Unit (ADESU) and its affiliated College/School or Division
  • Identify the Contact Person and their Contact Information
  • Complete the “Date Submitted" sections (Steps 1-3, Steps 4-5 and Step 6)

Institutional Mission/Goals Connection

  • Cite Excerpts of FAMU Mission Statement your program/unit is connected or linked with.
  • Cite specific Goals from FAMU Strategic Plan your program/unit is connected or linked with.
  • State the mission and goals of your program/unit.
  • List your program/unit's expected educational outcomes/functional objectives you will focus on during the year.

FAMOUS  Six  Steps

  • Step 1: List each outcome/objective in its own table (Step 1). Tables are provided for up to five outcomes/objectives. Copy a blank table if needed and adjust the heading (outcome/objective #) accordingly.
  • Step 2: For each outcome/objective, provide the Criteria for Success.  Please identify clearly the criteria you are setting.  Include expected percentages, expected numbers, etc. Use multiple criteria (direct and indirect) and list all criteria for any given outcome/objective in the same box.
  • Step 3: For each outcome/objective, identify the Method of Assessment. Please identify clearly the assessment method(s) (e.g. Exit Survey) by name and include the related question(s). Use multiple assessment methods (direct and indirect) and list all methods for any given outcome/objective in the same box.

End of the Assessment Cycle (OCTOBER of the following year)

  • Complete the “Date Submitted" (Steps 4-6)
  • For each outcome/objective, fill in the Summary of Results (Step 4), Use of Results (Step 5) and Strengthening of the Program Action Plan (Step 6).

Provide the submission date in the General Information table, and then submit the completed forms electronically to the Office of University Assessment following approval by your dean/program committee or VP/Divisional Assessment Committee.