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About NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement)


What is student engagement?


Student engagement represents two critical features of collegiate quality.   The first is the amount of time and effort students put into their studies and other educationally purposeful activities.  The second is how the institution deploys its resources and organizes the curriculum and other learning opportunities to get students to participate in activities that decades of research studies show are linked to student learning.


What is the survey about?


Survey items on The College Student Report represents empirically confirmed “good practices” in undergraduate education.  That is, they reflect behaviors by students and institutions that are associated with desired outcomes of college.  NSSE doesn’t access student learning directly, but survey results point to areas where colleges and universities are performing well and aspects of the undergraduate experience that could be improved.  (


Please click here to access the NSSE 2017 Report



About FSSE (Faculty Survey of Student Engagement)


What is FSSE?


The Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) was designed to complement the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), which is administered to undergraduate students.  This instructional staff version (for faculty, instructors, and graduate students who teach) focuses on:


·         Instructional staff perceptions of how often students engage in different activities.

·         The importance instructional staff place on various areas of learning and development.

·         The nature and frequency of instructional staff-student interactions.

·         How instructional staff organize their time, both in and out of the classroom.


The project is coordinated by the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research.  FSSE is designed to measure instructional staff expectations for student engagement in educational practices that are empirically linked with high levels of learning and development. (


Please click here to access the FSSE 2018 Report

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