Office of University Assessment


Goal 1:  Academic Improvement - Strengthen the distinctive quality of academic programs, producing graduates that demonstrate the 21st-century skills needed to compete in an increasingly diverse and global society.

       Strategy 1.1   Enhance the capacity for development of student learning outcomes aligned to appropriate measures and reflective of best practices for each academic discipline.

       Strategy 1.2 Analyze and summarize key student learning data for review by decision makers and other stakeholders.

Goal 2:  Service Improvement - Strengthen the quality of administrative and educational support services through the development of appropriate performance outcomes and measures.

       Strategy 2.1  Support the development of performance-based strategies and measures to monitor and document efficiency and effectiveness of all support services.

       Strategy 2.2 Summarize key performance data related to administrative and educational support unit for review by decision makers and other stakeholders.

Goal 3:  Accountability - Maintain effective and efficient assessment processes that comply with all internal and external assessment requirements. 

       Strategy 3.1 Facilitate the implementation of assessment practices that meet or exceed the accountability requirements set forth by the Board of Governors, Board of Trustees, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and other external accountability bodies.

       Strategy 3.2 Promote alignment between assessment planning and University strategic initiatives.

Goal 4:  Communication - Raise stakeholder awareness of student learning and key performance outcomes through the dissemination of institutional assessment data and recommendations for improvement.

       Strategy 4.1 Communicate student learning outcomes and other assessment information to students, faculty, staff, administrators, and other stakeholders.

       Strategy 4.2 Maintain a framework for meaningful, timely feedback and recommendations to support evidence-based decision making.


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