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ETS Proficiency Profile


The ETS Proficiency Profile is a test designed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) as a measure of college-level reading, mathematics, writing, and critical thinking in the context of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.  The Proficiency Profile is designed for colleges and universities to assess their general education outcomes, so they may improve the quality of instruction and learning. 


The ETS Proficiency Profile Measures:


  • proficiency in critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics in the context of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.
  • academic skills developed, versus subject knowledge taught, in general education courses


In an effort to evaluate the General Education Program and the flow of knowledge into the degree programs, all incoming freshmen and graduating seniors are asked to take the ETS Proficiency Profile.  Participation is critical in helping the University evaluate the educational process.  The score received does not have any impact on students’ academic record.  However, scores are used as one method to assess the General Education Program.  


Information provided by the Educational Testing Services (ETS) indicates that the ETS Proficiency Profile is a single and integrated measure of general education that focuses on academic skills rather than knowledge. The ETS test provides invaluable data for accreditation, strategic planning, curriculum improvement, performance-based funding, benchmarking, determining “value added" or learning gains and for use in the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA).


Additional information regarding the test can be found at The results provided can be compared to the comparative data provided by ETS. Comparative data lets you compare the scores and proficiency classifications of your students with those of a large group of students at other institutions. Statistics are provided by class level (freshman, sophomore, etc.) and by Carnegie classification (type of institution).

Below are the cohort results for the incoming freshmen and graduating seniors.


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