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The Architecture Profession

Architecture is the ART and SCIENCE of Building.  Successful architecture is kind to the earth, responding sensitively to nature and ecological systems. A good building is a good neighbor and a good steward. It uses resources mindfully and contributes positively to its site and adjacent properties. The well-built building is technically sound, aesthetically pleasing, and constructed to last and hold value over the long term.

Architects create the buildings and cities where we live our lives. They design the places where we dwell, raise families, play, work, dream, and relate to one another. Architects design the built environment for human habitation.   Architects are privileged to work at that magic point where human dreams and needs are transformed into concrete designs and ideas, visions of built shapes in real materials. Well-planned environments enhance our quality of life, facilitate communication, promote convenience and productivity, nurture our spirit, and delight our senses. They enable, empower us to live well and do our best work.

Good architects are not just good designers. They possess a wide range of skills, knowledge, and sensitivities that are essential to organizing and managing the building-delivery process. Responsible architects balance technical skill with artful sensitivity. They ask penetrating questions, see the larger picture, and guide projects through complex situations to desired results.

Architecture is a demanding and satisfying field -- a wonderful way to spend a creative lifetime that contributes to people's lives in real ways. To become an architect, you must:

  1. Earn a professional degree from an accredited school of architecture,
  2. Perform three years of internship under the supervision of a licensed architect, and
  3. Pass a professional licensing exam to practice architecture.
The Florida A&M University School of Architecture & Engineering Technology, professional architecture degrees are accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and can be your first step toward becoming an architect.


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