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Second Career Options

There is a path for those who already have an undergraduate degree in another field to enter the graduate architecture program.

The Master of Architecture Degree Option
Graduates who have earned a four- year non-architecture bachelor's degree from an accredited university can complete a three-and-a half-year term of study that leads to the professionally-accredited National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) Master of Architecture degree.

This course of study is meant to serve not only the recent graduate but also to provide an educational opportunity for those desiring a career change. Thus, the general profile of this degree candidate is someone who has had a successful undergraduate career, has a strong desire to become an architect, and is willing to commit the time and energy necessary to be successful in this rigorous program.

These students enrich the graduate program, as they bring to their studies a wide range of experiences and expertise from outside the discipline. This broader perspective will surface in their studio efforts, class work, and theses.

Typically thesis investigations express how architecture can be influenced by discourse engaging other disciplines and facilitate the intellectual diversity that has been a defining characteristic of the School of Architecture and Engineering Technology.


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