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Returning Students

A Professional Bachelor's Degree Option for Full-Time Architecture Interns
For most architecture interns, quitting a full-time position, becoming a full-time student, and relocating to a college town is impossible. Recognizing the situation, the School of Architecture and Engineering Technology is pleased to offer a unique professional development alternative for architecture interns. Started in fall 2002, this new opportunity helps candidates transfer their four-year bachelor's degree earned from a Florida University, recognize their recent professional experiences, and provide an alternate design studio schedule.

Participants meet the traditional Bachelor of Architecture curriculum requirements through online or Directed Independent Studies (DIS) and a more independent design studio schedule. The studio meets as extended charettes on an alternating Friday and Saturday schedule.

For admission, students must supplement the standard requirements with either completion of their IDP requirement or with four years of full-time employment with architecture firms and a letter of support from their current employer. While most students will complete the new option in four semesters of part-time study, a transcript evaluation may require additional courses. For more information, contact Director of Architecture at 850-599-3244 or


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