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School of Architecture and Engineering Technology

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School of Architecture and Engineering Technology
1938 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Walter L. Smith Architecture Building
Tallahassee, Florida 32307-4200
Grade Grievance Appeal and Non-Academic Complaint Appeal Procedures
The following procedures are designed for students that have a grade grievance or a non-academic complaint.  For both of those issues, students will use the
(1) Grade Grievance Appeal form [DOWNLOAD PDF] or
(2) Non-Academic Complaint Appeal form [DOWNLOAD PDF].
STEP 1 - The student meets with the SAET Director of Student Services (Dr. Ronald Lumpkin).  The goal is to confirm that the student is familiar with the forms and the process.
STEP 2 - The student completes the related form and submits it to the Director of Student Services.  The goal is to confirm that complaint is valid and sufficient information has been provided.
STEP 3 - The Director of Student Services reviews the student’s submission and decides if sufficient information has been gathered.  If necessary, the Director will contacts other parties.
STEP 4 - The Director or a Committee makes a recommendation to the Dean.
STEP 5 - The Dean reviews the recommendation and either agrees, disagrees or provides additional comments.
STEP 6 - The student is notified of the Deans decision.