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Academic Advising

At the School of Architecture and Engineering Technology (SA+ET), academic advisors assist students with course choices as well as other academic issues that may arise. Prior to registering, each student must meet with an academic advisor to chart an acceptable course of study. No Division of Architecture student is permitted to register for any course without the written approval of the academic advisor. The process is as follows:

- Each student must schedule a session with his/her academic advisor.

- Each student must secure his/her folder from the Student Records Office and give it to the academic advisor.

- Division of Architecture advisors may advise students designated as "pre-architecture" or "architecture" majors by the Office of Admissions. Students who have been at the University for one term have an academic transcript and a folder in the Division of Architecture Student Records Office. Students must present this academic record to their academic advisor for class selection and for charting their academic progress on the Progression/Completion Checklist form. Students interested in enrolling in architecture courses and have not been admitted to the Division of Architecture must be advised by the Director of Student Services.

- Division of Architecture students should select only the ARC and General Education courses identified in the Division of Architecture curriculum. Students should follow the prescribed sequence of courses as closely as possible. The advisor will approve course selections and sign the registration form. Sometimes students may elect to enroll in courses in other disciplines that are "by permission only." These are identified by a section number of 301 or 601. In the FAMU scheduling booklet or FAMU Web site, these courses are also identified by an (*) asterisk in front of the course listing (i.e., *ART 4905 601). Students must go to that academic unit to get permission to enroll in the class. Students must go to the central registration site to add these courses.

- The student should review his/her academic records either by SASS degree audit, transcript, and/or by Division of Architecture Progression/Completion Checklist or FACTS. Any discrepancies in accuracy should be brought to the attention of the advisor. If this discrepancy is due to non-posting of transfer credits, the advisor should notify the Director of Student Services.

- The student should make sure that all previous grades, elective course titles, or substitute courses are entered. For example, ARC 2809 Structures I was offered at a community college, and it satisfies the requirement of ARC 2501 at FAMU. The substitute course should appear on the Progression/Completion Checklist form adjacent to ARC 2501 Structures I in the "Equivalent Course" column and the grade earned recorded.

- The SA+ET has developed the Lower-Division Academic Plan and Upper-Division Academic Plan forms to assist students and advisors in predicting an acceptable plan of progression through the curriculum. The student may elect to use these.
- Upon the recommendation of the advisor, students select courses from the University schedule book and/or their Division’s schedule and enter appropriate data on the Registration Form. The advisor approves all courses selected by the student by initialing each entry.

- A student who selects Special Study or Directed Individual Study (DIS) courses must ask the advisor to sign the Special Study Form and insert it in the student's folder.

- When advisement is complete, the student returns the folder and signed registration form to the Student Records Office.

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