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School of Architecture and Engineering Technology

Faculty/Staff Directory  Faculty/Staff Directory
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School of Architecture and Engineering Technology
1938 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Tallahassee, Florida 32307-4200

CNET Program Educational Objectives

The objective of the Construction Engineering Technology (CNET) program is to prepare highly-competent, technically-trained, construction-oriented graduates who possess a solid mastery of fundamental engineering concepts and specialized construction training. The graduates are expected to adapt to any professional environment and perform their jobs with confidence and continue to learn and grow in the construction industry anywhere in the world while demonstrating good citizenship.  Later in their careers, our graduates can become leaders in their chosen field or employment.

CNET Program Outcomes

The CNET curriculum is designed with the objective to preparing students for life-long careers in the constantly-changing, technical and managerial environment of the construction industry. Students who successfully complete the curriculum will be prepared for entry into the industry or for further study at the graduate level in construction engineering technology or related fields of study such as law, business, and other engineering disciplines. To achieve this, a construction engineer must have: 

1. A broad foundation in mathematics and physical sciences;
A recognition of the need for long-term continuing education in their professional careers;
A basic knowledge in CNET discipline areas of surveying, geo-technical materials, structures, and environmental/water resources;
A basic knowledge of contracts, law, business organization, and principles of management;
A broad education on the social and humanistic implications of engineering technology;
6. A respect for the profession and a sense of professional ethics;
An appreciation of other disciplines as they relate to construction engineering technology;
An ability to immediately contribute to the profession of construction engineering technology;
An ability to design and conduct experiments as well as analyze and interpret data;
An ability to adapt to rapid changes in the practice of construction engineering technology and especially, in the use of computers in construction work;
Effective oral, written, and graphical communication abilities to effectively communicate with engineers and non-engineers;
Basic skills in the use of computers for communication, design, problem solving, and analysis;
13. Confidence;
14. The ability to take initiative; 
15. Leadership ability; and
16. An entrepreneurial spirit.

The Fall Semester student enrollment and annual graduation rates as reported by the Florida A&M University Office of Institutional Research are shown below.

Annual CNET Student Enrollment                          Annual CNET Graduates
2012-2013 72    2012-2013  12
2011-2012 78    2011-2012  13
2010-2011 65    2010-2011  16