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The Department of Public Safety has taken proactive measures to ensure that your parking experience while here on the campus of Florida A&M University is both safe and worry-free. The information contained in this section of the webpage will assist you in finding the appropriate parking lot as well as avoiding unnecessary fines and charges.
  • Parking lots throughout campus have color-coded signs that represent the designated parking permitted for the respective location.
  • Red signs are for general parking and allow for anyone with a legal permit to park.
  • Green signs are for employees only and are available for those employees with the appropriate decal.
  • Blue signs are for residential student parking only.
In addition, there are gated areas and reserved parking spaces designated only for those with the proper decal and permit.  Please observe these restrictions.Violations may result in your vehicle being immobilized or towed.

Except during our major sporting events, there are always available parking spaces on the campus.  Sometimes those spaces are located on the outer perimeters.Therefore, we suggest that you always give yourself an extra 5 or 10 minutes in case a longer walk becomes necessary.

A parking permit (unless reserved parking) does not guarantee a parking space. It allows you to park on campus in a legal spot.

For more information contact Parking Services at (850) 561-2205

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