Advisory Council Board

Dr. Ying Ouyang
US-Forest Service Hydrologist
Southern Research Station
Center for Bottomland Hardwoods
Phone: (662)325-8654


Dr. Gary Mitchum
Professor and Associate Dean
College of Marine Science
University of South Florida
Phone: (727)553-3941


Dr. Peter Nkedi-Kizza
Professor of Soil Physics and Hydrology
Department of Soil and Water Sciences
University of Florida
Phone: (352)219-5937


Tony Harvey

Agricultural Engineer
USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service
Gainesville, FL 32606
Phone: (352)338-9562
Elizabeth Alvi
Director of Policy Development
Audubon, Florida
Phone: (850)591-9784
Lorin Pratt
Water Resource Outreach & Education Specialist
Leon County Soil and Water Conservation District
Tallahassee, Florida
Milton Martinez
Soil Scientist
USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service
Tallahassee, FL 32307