About The Center for Water Resources

About the Center

The faculty in the Center conducts basic and applied research to address critical problems in the areas of water and air quality and sustainability of natural resources and the environment. It undertakes educational activities in cooperation with FAMU Cooperative Extension Program to serve stakeholder needs in water quality and quantity and watershed management. The Center faculty is also engaged in international activities related to water resources and water quality in the developing countries.

The Center for Water Resources (CWR), formerly the Center for Water Quality, is a research unit within the College of Agriculture and Food Sciences (CAFS) at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU).  The Center has diverse faculty from the disciplines of Soil Science, Agronomy, Entomology, Forestry, Biological Systems Engineering (BSE), Civil and Environmental Engineering, Agribusiness, Environmental Science, Public Health, Allied Health Sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Political Science.  The CWR is the focal point for faculty research in water resources, the catalyst for developing collaborative projects, and a conduit to recruit undergraduate and graduate students, and to reach out to stakeholders. It is a clearinghouse where policy and management decision-makers and the public obtain objective, science-based information on water resource issues impacting the State of Florida, the Southeast, and the nation. The CWR works in collaboration with affiliated faculty from all Colleges and Schools within Florida A&M University who have expertise in Water and related sciences. The Center also works with other universities, State and Federal agencies, and the private sector. In order to have a much more focused and precise holistic approach on water issues, the Center has restructured to have affiliated faculty from different Colleges and School at FAMU. In this case the Center will be able to address issues regarding water and agriculture, water and engineering, water and the environment, water and public health, water economics, and water and public policy.



To protect, improve, restore, and maintain Florida’s water resources and reduce water related problems associated with agricultural practices and other human activities through research, education, extension/outreach and technology transfer.

The Center for Water Resources strives to promote stewardship for managing, protecting and conserving water resources through education, research and outreach activities; mitigate water resource issues and serve as a resource for providing solutions in emerging and current water problems in Florida, the nation and globally.

Objectives of the CWR include:
  • Conduct basic and applied research to address critical issues in water and soil conservation, sustainable agriculture, water and public health, water engineering, water economics and policy.
  • Conduct extension/outreach activities in cooperation with the FAMU Cooperative Extension Program to serve stakeholders’ needs in areas of water and soil conservation, water and public health, and water and public policy.
  • Develop international collaborations in research, education and outreach in water resources and related sciences.
  • Support undergraduate and graduate teaching programs in soil and water sciences and provide research opportunities for graduate students in their thesis works.


Program Areas/Projects
  • Wetlands
  • Biological Assessment of Water Quality
  • Alleviation of Water Quality Problems and Conservation/Best Management Practices
  • Watershed Mangement and Modeling
  • Nutrient Management, Rural Water Issues and Water Policy
  • Waterhshed Education and Outreach



Water Resources Analytical Laboratory
Wetland Ecology Laboratory
Aquatic Insect Laboratory


Center Faculty

Cassel Gardner, Professor, Ph.D. (University of Florida), Cooperative Extension, cassel.gardner@famu.edu

Yuch Hsieh, Professor, Ph.D. (Rutgers), yuch.Hsieh@famu.edu

Odemari Mbuya, Professor, Ph.D. (University of Florida), odemari.mbuya@famu.edu

Katherine Milla, Professor, Ph.D. (Florida State University), katherine.milla@famu.edu


Affiliated Faculty

Nathan Bailey, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. (Cornell University), nathaniel.bailey@famu.edu

Johnny M. Grace III, General Engineer with USDA Forest Service, PhD (North Carolina State University), jmgrace@fs.fed.us

Aavudai Anandhi Swamy, Assistant Professor, Ph.D (Indian Institute of Science), anandhi.swamy@famu.edu


Emeritus Faculty

Manuel Pescador, Professor, Ph.D. (Florida State University), Manuel.Pescador@famu.edu 


Research Associates

Glynnis Bugna, Ph.D. (Florida State University), Glynnis.Bugna@famu.edu

Christy Crandall, M.S. (Colorado State University), christy.crandall@famu.edu

Kimberly Davis, M.S. (FAMU), kimberly.davis@famu.edu

Amita Jain, Ph.D. (AMU, India), amita.jain@famu.edu

Lucy Ngatia, Ph.D. (University of Florida), lucy.ngatia@famu.edu

Andrew Rasmussen, Ph.D. (FAMU/UF), andrew.rasmussen@famu.edu


Office Manager

Abigail Lewis-Madison, abigail.madison@famu.edu



Dr. Odemari Mbuya

Director, Center for Water Resources
1740 Martin Luther King Blvd.
103 S. Perry-Paige Building
Tallahassee, FL 32307
Tele: 850 561-2302
Fax: 850 561-2966
Email: odemari.mbuya@famu.edu


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