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New Student Forms

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*Note* If you have an questions filling out or downloading the forms listed above, please contact the Human Resource Officer.
  • Human Resource Officer:
    (850) 599-3989



All forms must be filled out prior to reporting to Florida A&M University NROTC Unit


Dependency Application/Record of Emergency Data (Page 2)

Your 'Page 2' is the first of your forms you need to fill out, print, and bring with you when checking in to the unit.  This is a form that all military personal must fill out and keep up to date.  It lists any dependants you may have plus a record of your Next of Kin (NOK) and emergency contacts.

Use these instructions while filling out your Page 2:


  • Blocks 1-2:  Do not fill out
  • Blocks 5-12: Applies only to married students.
  • Blocks 13-32: Apply to Students with children.
  • Blocks 33-37: Self Explanatory (Blocks 35 and 38 are either yes or no depending on if your father or mother is your dependent or not. Usually this is marked “NO”)
  • Blocks 39-52: Self explanatory.
  • Blocks 53-63: Please indicate who the beneficiary would be for the life insurance that is provided when one active duty orders during summer training.
  • Blocks 64-66: Indicate any existing life insurance policy for the student.
  • Block   67: Self Explanatory.
  • Block   68-72: Do not fill out.
  • Block   73-74: Self Explanatory
  • Blocks 75-76: Do not fill out.
  • Block   77: Self Explanatory
  • Block   78: Please fill in PNOK (primary next of kin), Name, Address and Phone number. Also fill in SNOK (secondary next of kin), Name, Address, and Phone number.
  • Blocks 79- End: Do not fill out.
Graduation Plan

Students must have a graduation plan filed with their military academic advisors.  Incoming Navy freshmen should email LT Lord or LT Sommer and Marine Corps options should email Major Sousa with questions regarding their graduation plans.  These plans will be discussed during initial counseling with your advisor within the first several weeks of school.
1) Students must follow the attached Scholarship Course Schedule alongside their own academic roadmap. 
2) The student shall go to their college course catalog and use that information to fill in the attached graduation plan.
3) Students are required to complete a multicultural/religious study course with an emphasis on East Asia or the Middle East.  The attached World Studies file lists a number of courses that satisfy both the NROTC requirement and FSU/FAMU's own multicultural requirements.
4) Full Scholarship students are required to take 15 credit hours per semester. College Programmers are not bound to this requirement but should take a full-time course load as completion within 4 years is essential to your success.