New Midshipmen Orientation FAQ

The following questions are aimed at answering general questions asked by the public. If you have a more specific question please contact Unit between the hours of 0800-1600 M-F.
  • LT Hinson
    (850) 599-8412
  • LT Treat
    (850) 599-8412
What is New Midshipmen Orientation (NMO)?
  • New Midshipman Orientation (NMO. NMO is designed to introduce you to military customs, familiarize you with the basics of the Midshipman Battalion organization, and provide you with essential tools that will enhance your success in the NROTC Program and in college. The entire orientation program has been developed by the Midshipman Battalion and the Navy/Marine Corps Staff. New Midshipmen Orientation (NMO) is not mandatory for incoming freshmen but it is highly encouraged. You are also encouraged to bring your parents and friends for the morning’s Welcome and Swearing-In Ceremony.

Where will I stay during NMO?

  • Students will reside at FAMU.
  • The last evening of NMO, students will move into their housing. FAMU NROTC does not provide housing prior to commencement of NMO.
Where can my parents stay/Where can we stay if we come in to town a night early?
  • Tallahassee is full of hotels for early arrivals and late departures. FAMU NROTC does not officially endorse any specific hotel.
Where will I live while attending college?
  • Once the NMO Program is completed, you must be prepared to move into your own housing whether on or off campus. It is your responsibility to make arrangements for housing while attending school. Midshipmen must arrange for their school year living quarters (dormitory or apartment) before arriving for NROTC NMO. The NROTC Program does not provide or find permanent living quarters for midshipmen. Students planning to attend FAMU must consider that university policy requires that all “First-Time in College Freshman” live on campus. Students whose parents/family lives within a radius of 35 miles of the campus are exempt.
  • At the end of NMO you will be allowed to move in to the college dorm rooms three day prior to your roommates. We will assist you in the move.
What Naval Science Classes do I sign up for during registration?
  • NSC 1101 Naval Science Lab: Thursday 1500 - 1700 (3:00 PM - 5:00 PM) Perry Paige, Bldg 561, Auditorium, Instructor: Marine Officer Instructor
  • NSC 1110 Introduction to Naval Organization: Tuesday & Thursday, 0800-0915, Perry Paige, Bldg 561, room 300, Instructor: Major Anthony Sousa
Where do I put my personal affects?
  • We will provide space for your personal belongings in a secure area.
What do I bring to NMO?

Paper work

  • Birth certificate
  • Shot record
  • All forms listed on the New Student Forms page --> New Student Forms

Gear List

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