Form List


       Filled Out Example

Once you have completed your forms they should look virtually                 identical to the example packet. 


*Note* If you have an questions filling out or downloading the forms listed above, please contact one of the academic advisors due to the fact that at this time our unit does not have a Human Resources Officer.
  • Lieutenant Ryan Corridan

(850) 599-8412


  • Lieutenant Andrew Treat

(850) 599-8412






For College Programmers

*Note* College programmers in a ddition to filling out the forms under the "Form List" need to fill out the below forms. 


FSU, TCC Students

**Note* FSU and TCC students must complete a Co-Op form in order to take classes at FAMU. If this is your first semester useing the CO-Op program you must provide FAMU with a copy of your immunization record from your home university. 


General Information

  • When reading "How to Fill Out Paperwork" pay special attention to DO NOT SIGN sections 
  • While building your academic grad plan pay special attention to NROTC requirments for scholarship students.  An overview of required course can be found at: