College Program Application

Documents Required

STEP 1: Privacy Act Statement

Print and sign the bottom

Privacy Act Statement 

STEP 2: Drug Screening Form

Completely fill out the form

Drug Statement 

STEP 3: College Program Form

Completely fill out the form

Note: Make sure your information matches your transcript and that you include your email address on the form.


STEP 4: Transcripts

Note: Include only your most recent transcript. Also if your transcript does not include your SAT/ACT scores, you must attach those as well.


STEP 5: Photo

Submit two full length pictures; one frontal and one side profile. Beneath the picture annotate your height, weight, and the date the pictures were taken.

Note: JROTC members should be in uniform.



STEP 6: Essays
  • In 300-500 words (typed), discuss your reasons for wanting to become a Naval/Marine Corps Officer.
  • In 300-500 words (typed), answer: how might your background and experiences enhance the U.S. Naval/Marine Corps Service? (Optional)

STEP 7: Sports Physical

Print off and have a doctor fill out this form.



Insure that you have all 7 steps included in your package and send it in by any of the following methods.


  •    Email (preferred method):
Scan and save as a PDF and then email to LT Corridan.


  • Fax (with prior coordination-call 850-599-3980 to arrange):
ATTN: LT Corridan