Study in Vienna

Florida A&M University's “Study in Vienna” is a semester abroad program that is offered as part of a Certificate program in International Agriculture in the College of Agriculture (C-Ag). Participating students can travel, study and learn German all under a specific curriculum in international food and agriculture, and achieve an additional academic credential upon the successful completion of the C-Ag International Certificate program. Offered during the spring semester at FAMU, the study experience for 2013 is based at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna, Austria. All BOKU courses under this program are taught in English on a single campus in Vienna where the student population is approximately 5,000. Studying in Vienna offers many interesting benefits. Students will experience the rich history and cultural traditions that makes Vienna a place of special interest for any student from any discipline. There are innumerable Austrian cities with wonderful food and culture that reflect a unique ambiance. Undergraduate students from all food and agriculture disciplines, who meet the minimum program requirements, may apply for the “Study in Vienna” program.  Three travel scholarships of $5,000 each will be awarded through a competitive process for the spring semester 2013.  If selected for participation, students must provide additional funds from their personal resources to offset the cost of living and other related expenses.  This program is sponsored under the U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) European Union - United States Atlantis Excellence in Mobility Program.

Program Features:

  • Opportunity to gain professional experience abroad
  • Language courses and cultural guidance to support your internship
  • Interaction with native speakers
  • All inclusive day and overnight study visits
  • Study Aboard Coordinator



  • Applicant must be an upper level undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Agricultural or Related Sciences
  • 3.0 for overall GPA
  • Applicant must not graduate prior to Summer 2013
  • Current Vita/Resume
  • Transcript
  • A 300 Word Essay describing: "Why Would an International Education Exchange to Europe be Beneficial to my Academic and Career Goals and Objective?"
  • Must enroll in a German Language Course upon Acceptance
  • Must have a US Passport



Students are connected with international related internships through public and private sector organizations, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

If you are interested in the Study in Vienna Program and internship opportunities, please contact Harriett A. Paul, Director of International Agricultural Programs @ or (850) 599-8867.

Faculty & Staff

Harriett Paul, Director of International Agriculture

Betty Hudson, Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth Robinson, Coordinator

Incoming Student Info


BOKU recommend that you apply with the Austrian Exchange Service (OEAD) for a place in a student residence.  The terms and conditions are available online  Please read them carefully and inform yourself about the registration procedure but also about the conditions for termination of the contract. The deadline for the summer semester 2013 is January 15 (but of course you should apply as soon as possible because some dormitories are booked out soon) Please be aware that we here at BOKU can not help you with finding an accommodation – the OEAD is handling that for us.

Most recommended dorms:

OEAD: Haus Döbling - 19, Gymnasiumstrasse 85
OEAD: Heim Michaelerstrasse - 18, Michaelerstrasse 11 (female students only)
OEAD: Albert Schweitzer Heim - 9, Garnisongasse 14-16
OEAD: Panorama - 20, Brigittenauer Lände 224
OEAD: Adolf Schärf Studentenheime - 20, Lorenz Müller Gasse 1A
OEAD: Adolf Schärf Studentenheime - 20, Forsthausgasse 2-8

OEAD: Pfeilheim 1A - 8, Pfeilgasse 1A (female students only)
OEAD: Pfeilheim 3A - 8, Pfeilgasse 3a
OEAD: Pfeilheim 4-6 - 8, Pfeilgasse 4-6
OEAD: Kolpinghaus Währing - 18, Gentzgasse 2
OeAD: OeAD-Gästehaus Sechshauser Straße – 15, Sechshauser Straße 31

ÖH-Flat Exchange:

Entry and residence regulations for Austria

Please check the following website to find more information:


We will send back the signed Learning Agreement by post together with your admission letter.  Please note that you have to register for all courses after your arrival at BOKU. If you are looking for courses or if you want to register for a course or an exam, please use BOKUonline:

You will receive a BOKUonline-login, when you register in the Dean’s Office after your arrival.

So please plan your arrival before the semester starts to get your BOKUonline-login on time or write an e-mail to the teacher of the course to ask for a provisional registration.

Remember that you are free to choose courses from all different curricula at your level (Bc or MSc), but make sure that you fulfil the specific requirements of the course. If you are enrolled in a Bachelor programme, you are allowed to take up to 30 ECTS of master courses.

If the information in BOKUonline is not clear, please contact the person listed on the course website.

Please review carefully
• if all courses will be offered in the semester when you want to take them
• if they are offered in English or German
• if you have the required background knowledge (if applicable)
• how you have to register
• when and where the first session will take place
• if any of your courses overlap.

If necessary you can change your learning agreement upon arrival.

Language Courses

You can learn more about the Intensive German Course and the other Language Courses here:

Welcome Days

We cordially invite the exchange students to join the Welcome Days to the beginning of the semester. We will give you a short introduction about BOKU and provide you with a lot of information material, do a discovery tour at campus Türkenschanze, take a tour in the city of Vienna and visit a few institutes at Muthgasse-campus. It is also a good chance to get to know the other exchange students.  


We highly recommend that you plan your arrival a few days BEFORE the Welcome Days so that you have time enough to register at the Dean’s Office. Only after that registration you can register for the courses!

Please check the following website to learn how to proceed when youarrive at the airport or train station:

An online tour around BOKU can be found at:




The OCEANS Network, the official association for students that atttended exchanges between EU and USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea would like to inform students and alumni of these programs about the benefits of joining OCEAN.  Please check out their website where you will find plenty of informaiton about the network.

Oceans is open to students and alumni of the following programme:

a) EU-US Atlantis Programme

b) EU-CANADA Cooperation Programme

c) Education Coorperation Programme under the framework of the Industrial Countries Instrument (ICI ECP)