• Congressman Al Lawson and CAFS students at the Farmer's Roundtable event. 
  • Harambee Festival - Learning about insects. 
  • Dr. Mbuya explaining the importance of water quality and the impacts of contamination. 
  • Goat meat cooking demonstration conducted by Cooperative Extension. 
  • CAFS Living Learning Students(LLC) students inspecting bee colonies. 

Packaging and Labeling Specialist

Date Posted: August 20, 2010
Posting Deadline: Anytime
Location: Haiti

Assignment Purpose:

Inferior packaging and labeling in Haiti often prohibits producers from being able to reach their potential in sales. Since poor quality packaging is a great setback for Haitian products, this volunteer will begin a series of market studies and observations to help vendors develop a sustainable solution to their packaging problems.

Expected Results/Impact:

By the end of this visit:

  • The groups at hand will have selected their potential products and a study of the quality of current products will have been conducted
  • All possible packaging will be listed
  • Available packaging options will be piloted
  • The volunteer and the vendor will decide on the best packaging

Future study and evaluation will be needed to improve the packaging and labeling

Desired Volunteer Qualification(s):

The volunteer should have extensive knowledge and experience with the packaging of starch, meats, jams, jellies, etc.

How to Apply: Please complete and submit the FAMU FTF Volunteer Application to the FTF Program staff.