• FAMU BASE students - Virginia Tech University - April 2016. 
  • Dean Taylor receiving a USDA Certificate from the USDA Undersecretary, Catherine Woteki
  • Fall 2015 Graduate! 
  • Famu Research & Extension Center in Quincy
  •   CAFS planting a tree on Earth Day at Blanche Ely High School. 
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  • Coming in August 2017 

Program Overview

Program Overview

FIPSE’s program supports innovative projects that may respond to issues of national and global significance. These projects propose significant reforms and improvements in U.S. postsecondary education and have the potential to serve as national models for reform. FIPSE welcomes proposals for projects which seek strategies for establishing an international dimension of issues related to all aspects of postsecondary education, including foreign language acquisition, thesocial sciences, health sciences, and information technology.

Project Description

This European Union (EU) – United States (US) Consortium offers a concentration in international agriculture which explores consumer needs for safe, high quality food products. The main objective of this project is to ensure a closer collaboration for teaching and curriculum development among partner institutions as well as raise awareness of societal issues. This program is structured by a core of both new, existing and updated courses. Students will study a broad range of approaches to produce, add-value, market and trade in safe high quality food products. Students will also participate in language programs with pre and post exchange assessments.

Travel Grant

This grant program has expired. Student stipends are no longer available: However, students are encouraged to participate in the bi-lateral exchange program through their own funding or other external sources of funding..