• Congressman Al Lawson and CAFS students at the Farmer's Roundtable event. 
  • Harambee Festival - Learning about insects. 
  • Dr. Mbuya explaining the importance of water quality and the impacts of contamination. 
  • Goat meat cooking demonstration conducted by Cooperative Extension. 
  • CAFS Living Learning Students(LLC) students inspecting bee colonies. 

FIPSE-CAPES Higher Education Consortia

Program Overview

The Brazil Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES) – United States (US) Consortia offers international higher educational students and faculty exchanges at the undergraduate and graduate levels in multiple disciplines, to include: agriculture, business, environmental and related sciences. These opporunities allow participants to develop credible global experiences across cultural, linguistic and research focus activities in Brazil and the United States from six months to one year. The main objective of this project is to ensure collaboration for teaching and curriculum development among partner institutions, as well as raise awareness of societal and cultural issues. Students will study a broad range of basic research topics in biofuels and sustainability initiatives. Students will also participate in language programs with pre and post exchange assessments.

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