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    The mission of the Center for Viticultural Sciences and Small Fruit Research is to conduct research and provide service and support that will help the viticulture industry in Florida to become a viable industry (Florida Viticulture Policy Act, 1978).
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    Advances in both veterinary medicine technology and technique are the fuel firing the increased demand for well-trained individuals to work as veterinary technologists.
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AGR 4905: Special Problems in Agronomy

AGR 4905: Special Problems in Agronomy - Study Abroad in South Africa



The AGR 4905 Special Problems in Agronomy is a three semester credit course, offered during the Summer “A” Session at FAMU. Students interested in participating must register for the course. The course  concentrates on basic issues of Land Reform Policy in South Africa and the effectiveness of the policy and it's implementation to reduce proverty, improve rural livelihoods and promote sustainable agriculture and natural resource managment.  A key aspect of this course includes a 15 day faculty led student immersion to South Africa.  The immersion consist of lectures and seminars by partner institutions' faculty, discussions with policy makers and industry representatives, on farm hands on experiences and cultural-historical site visits.  This course provides an environment for the international study of agriculture and land issues in South Africa and provides for assessing the role each plays in reducing proverty and hunger and in generating economic growth.

Course Eligibility

Applicant must be an upper level undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Agriculture or a related science.  Applicant must also be in good academic standing.


Completed application materials must be submitted to Office of International Agriculture by February 20, 2015 for Summer 2015 consideration.

Travel Stipends

A limited number of travel stipends up to $2,500 are available through a competitive selection process.  Students will be required to have additional travel funding beyond the travel stipend to cover the cost of participating in the immersion.