• Congressman Al Lawson and CAFS students at the Farmer's Roundtable event. 
  • Harambee Festival - Learning about insects. 
  • Dr. Mbuya explaining the importance of water quality and the impacts of contamination. 
  • Goat meat cooking demonstration conducted by Cooperative Extension. 
  • CAFS Living Learning Students(LLC) students inspecting bee colonies. 

About Us - OIAP

About Us

Office of International Agriculture Programs Team:
(From left) Harriett A. Paul, Joseph V. Jones, Penny Malone, and Cynthia M. Portalatin

Within the FAMU College of Agriculture and Food Sciences (CAFS) the mission of the Office of International Agriculture Programs (OIAP) is to provide an international component for the college’s traditional land-grant responsibilities of teaching, research and extension/outreach to enhance students’ global competitiveness and increase services to stakeholders in a globally diverse marketplace.

Florida A&M University (FAMU) is a historically black, land-grant university dedicated to stimulating economic growth in emerging and developing world markets. FAMU takes a multifaceted approach to promoting rural development in developing countries by training farmers and members of farmer organizations at the grass-root level by promoting entrepreneurship and small enterprise development, and fostering environmental and natural resource conservation. Many people in the world's poorest areas derive their livelihoods from agricultural related activities; thus the transformation of agriculture and food systems is an essential aspect of broad-based economic growth.

Historically, the OIAP, through CAFS, has been involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of sponsored international agricultural programs in the developing world to include Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and South America. These programs span the land-grant areas of teaching, research and development outreach. As the demand for international services increases, CAFS aims to fully globalize its land-grant programs to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of its agricultural, natural resources and food initiatives to produce highly skilled and globally competent individuals prepared to address the challenges of an interdependent world community. These strategies have resulted in advancing the internationalization of the curricula in agriculture and creating new opportunities for study abroad. CAFS has also broadened its scope of engagement in the developing world through the international, collaborative research and development of partnership initiatives through a variety of public and private donors.

Since 1972, CAFS has established a successful record of accomplishment in the design and implementation of international projects in areas of focus which include:

1) Biological Control
2) Biotechnology
3) Economic Growth and Capacity Building
4) Food as it Relates to Nutrition and Health
5) International Education and Study Abroad
6) Integrated Pest Management, and

Countries of operation have included:  Austria, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, France, Ghana, Haiti, and India.

Center for International Agricultural Trade, Development Research and Training (CIATDRT) — The CIATDRT manages the college’s international agricultural development assistance, research and training programs in the developing world. Through the combined programs of the OIAP and CIATDRT, the college continues to build on its international agriculture tradition.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Office of International Agriculture Programs (OIAP) is to incorporate an international dimension into the traditional land-grant responsibilities of teaching, research and extension/outreach to ensure the global competitiveness of our students and strengthen the services provided to stakeholders in an increasingly complex and dynamic global market place.

Message from Director
FAMU’s Office of International Agriculture Programs (OIAP), has crafted a vision for international, agricultural initiatives that originates both from a sustainable development perspective as well as that of international education and study abroad. Since 1997, OIAP has initiated food security and economic growth programs to improve the agricultural productivity and income of communities in southern Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. OIAP has partnered with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to promote the use of sustainable agricultural methods through these programs. Through many public and private donors, FAMU’s Center for International Agricultural Trade Development Research and Training (CIATDRT) has garnered more than $5 million over the past decade in competitive contract and grant international programs funding.

We are also committed to helping to produce culturally diverse graduates for the global workforce. Key goals for our immediate future include increasing international student recruitment for the College of Agriculture and Food Sciences and continuing our higher education partnership and study program in the Dominican Republic and South Africa while maintaining our existing portfolio of programs and activities. Our team is energized about the opportunities that lay ahead for improving rural access to healthy food and production in developing countries, working in concert with small farmers and local educational institutions.


Office of International Agriculture Programs &
Center for International Agricultural Trade,
     Developmental Research and Training

204 Perry-Paige Bldg., South
Tallahassee, FL 32307
Main Office: (850) 599-8867
Fax: (850) 599-8821

Harriett A. Paul, Director
Office of International Agriculture Programs &
Center for International Agricultural Trade,
Developmental Research and Training
Email: harriett.paul@famu.edu
Phone: (850) 599-8825

Penny Malone, Administrative Assistant
Office of International Agriculture Programs
Email: penny.malone@famu.edu
Phone: (850) 599-8867

Joseph V. Jones, Research Coordinator
International Research and Development
Email: joseph.jones@famu.edu
Phone: (850) 561-2974

Cynthia M. Portalatín, Program Coordinator
FAMU Farmer-to-Farmer Program
Email: cynthia.portalatin@famu.edu

Phone: (850) 412-7227