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    Center for Viticultural Sciences
    The mission of the Center for Viticultural Sciences and Small Fruit Research is to conduct research and provide service and support that will help the viticulture industry in Florida to become a viable industry (Florida Viticulture Policy Act, 1978).
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    Veterinary Technology
    Advances in both veterinary medicine technology and technique are the fuel firing the increased demand for well-trained individuals to work as veterinary technologists.
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Proposal Writing/Research Grants

  1. 1. Estimating Soil Seed Bank and Vegetation Management in Apalachicola National Forest


    Submitted in 2010. $ 50,000-PENDING.

    2. Use of Multiple Tools to Assess the Effects of Land Use/Land Cover Change on

    Stressors to Water Quantity and Quality in Headwater Streams of the Mt. Kilimanjaro

    Watersheds in Tanzania

    (PI). Submitted in 2010. $ 150,000 PENDING.

    3. Impact of Irrigation Water Use on Water Levels in Unconfined and Semi-confined

    Aquifers of the Lower Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Basin

    (PI). Submitted in 2010.

    $ 150,000


    4. Strengthening Natural Resources Course Offering and Experiential Learning to Enhance

    Biological and Agricultural Systems Engineering (BASE), Soil/Plant/Water and Forestry

    Teaching Programs at Florida A&M University

    (PI). Submitted in 2010. $ 150,000


    5. Preparing Small Scale Limited Resource Vegetable Farmers for Organic Farming in

    North Florida

    (PI). Submitted in 2009. FUNDED.

    6. Urban Agriculture: Food Safety and Security

    (Co-PI). Submitted in 2010. $ 263,000


    7. Annual Crops With Low Input/High Diversity Buffers for Sustainable Bioenergy Feed

    Sock Production

    (Co-PI). Submitted in 2010. FUNDING-PENDING.

    8. Implications of Engineered Nanoparticles on the Natural Food Supply

    FUNDED - $ 60,000.


    9. Assessment of Carbon Storage and Sequestration Potential of Common Agricultural

    Systems on Benchmark Soils Across the Southern Region Climate Gradient

    Submitted in 2010.


    10. Supporting Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture in North Florida through Development of

    Sustainable Crop Pest Management Systems

    (Co-PI). Submitted in 2009. $ 220,000


    11. Planning for Sustainable Management of Water Resources in the Apalachicola-

    Chattahoochee-Flint Watershed

    (Co-PI). Submitted in 2010. $ 150,000 PENDING.

    12. Use of Soil Moisture Sensors to Manage Low Volume High Frequency (LVHF) Drip

    Irrigation and its Impact on Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Nitrate Movement, and Water

    Conservation in Fresh Market Tomato Production in North Florida

    Natural Resource Conservation Service in 2007 -

    (PI) Submitted to$ 150,000


    Phosphorous Dynamics


    SEAPON: Evaluating the Long Term Impact of Land Use/Cover and Climate Change on(Co-PI) Submitted to NEON-NSF in 2007 - $ 18 million

    14. NSF-07-564 CI-TEAM: Implementation: Interdisciplinary Curricula for Sensor

    Computing Education and Training. A. Helal, M.S. Schmalz, R. Issa, D. Cook and



    O.S.(Co-PI) Submitted to the National Science Foundation in 2007 - $ 5 million

    15. Enhancing the Productivity and Profitability of Small-scale Farmers in East Africa


    (Co-). Submitted to USDA. - $ 7.2 million (NOT FUNDED)

    16. An Entrepreneurial Approach to Revitalizing Iraq Agricultural Extension (


    Submitted to USDA.

    $ 5 million (NOT FUNDED)

    17. Development And Dissemination Of A Low Cost Technology For Disinfecting Drinking

    Water Using Ultraviolet Light In Rural And Poor Urban Neighborhoods: An Alternative

    To Chlorination

    (PI) Submitted to USDA-CSREES in 2007 - $ 10,000 (FUNDED)

    18. Arsenic removal from water by Ferrate [Fe(IV)] in combination with Fe(III) or Al(III)


    (PI) Submitted to USDA-CSREES in 2007 - $ 10,000 (FUNDED)

    19. Phytoremediation of Perchlorate and N-nitrosodimethylamine as Single and Co-


    20. Weed suppression, water infiltration and nitrogen availability in cover crops intercropped

    with fall broccoli and in spring strip-tilled watermelon. Source: Center for Cooperative

    Agricultural Programs (CCAP), Florida A&M University and University of Florida.


    (PI). Funded by EPA, 2003-2005 ($ 400,000). - FUNDED.(Co-PI). $6,000 -AWARDED.

    21. Soil Nitrate Accumulation Below the Root Zone in Tomato Farms in North Florida

    Funded by USDA-ARS, 2002 - 2005

    (PI).($ 270,000) FUNDED.

    22. Use of Chlorophyll meter and Remote Sensing to Determine Fertilizer Nitrogen Needs in

    Tomato Production

    (PI). Funded by USDA-CSREES, 2003-2005 ($ 62,000)


    23. A System Approach for Improved Integration of Green Manure in Commercial Vegetable

    Production Systems (

    Co-PI). Funded by USDA-SARE, 2002-2004 ($171,800)


    24. 1994-1890 Water Quality Collaboration Grant


    (Co-PI). Funded by USDA-CSREES,($ 88,000) FUNDED.

    25. Project HAND: "

    to Improve Teaching, Learning, and Access": A Partnership Between Spelman College,

    Florida A&M University, and the University of Mauritius. Submitted 2002

    Helping African Nations Develop and Utilize Educational Technologies(Co-PI)



    26. An International Partnership Between Florida A&M University and Zagreb University:

    Biotransformation and Biodegradation of Organic Pollutants from the Textile Wastewater

    in Croatia. Submitted to ALO in 2001

    (PI) ----- NOT FUNDED ($ 100,000)

    27. Southern 1890 Universities Consortium on Animal Waste Management and Alternate

    Technologies for Limited Resource Farmers (North Carolina A&T, Florida A&M

    University, Virginia State University, University of Arkansas (Pine Bluff) and Alabama

    A&M University). Submitted to USDA in 2001

    (Co-PI) --- NOT FUNDED

    28. Pest Management Alternatives and Environmental Protection in Nursery Crops.

    Submitted to CCAP Florida A&M University/University of Florida in 2000

    AWARDED ($ 5,000)

    (PI) ------

    29. Constructed Wetland and Animal Waste Management. Submitted to Natural Resource

    Conservation Service in 2000

    30. Monitoring of Chemicals in Rural Drinking Water in Northwest Florida. Submitted to

    United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2000.

    (Co-PI) ------- AWARDED ($ 250,000).(PI) ------- NOT AWARDED

    ($ 299,999).

    31. Research and Baseline Information for Global Coverage Program of the Defense

    Intelligence Agency (MDA908-00-Q0054). Environmental Health Risk Factors: Air and

    Water Contamination in Eastern Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary,

    Poland and Slovakia). Submitted to Defense Intelligence Agency in 2000.


    32. Use of Ultraviolet (UV) Light to Disinfect Drinking Water in Rural Tanzania. Submitted

    to United Stated Department of Agriculture - Foreign Agriculture Service (USDA - FAS)

    in 1999 (

    (PI-Project------ NOT AWARDED ($ 109,428)PI) ------- NOT AWARDED ($ 45,000).

    33. Nitrogen Balance of Fresh Market Tomatoes in Polyethylene Mulch and Cover Crop

    Production Systems. Submitted to Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer

    Services. (

    34. Nitrogen Leaching in Irrigated and Dry Land Corn with Twin and Single Row Patterns,

    and Variable N Application Schedules. Submitted to Florida Department of Agriculture

    and Consumer Services

    35. An integrated system of organic food production and urban food waste recycling using

    on-farm anaerobic digestion and fertigation (

    36. Occupational Injury Prevention Knowledge and Behavior on African American Farm

    Women. Submitted to University of Kentucky/NIH


    Co-PI). -------- AWARDED ($ 261,700).(Co-PI) ----- AWARDED ($ 257,050).Co-PI). ----- AWARDED ($ 260,253)(Co-PI). ----- AWARDED ($

    37. Monitoring of Agrichemicals in Rural Drinking Water in Northwest Florida. Submitted

    to United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA)


    38. Use of Ultraviolet (UV) Light to Disinfect Drinking Water in Tanzania

    National Institute for Medical Research (Tanzania)

    39. Soil Nitrate Inventory and Baseline Data for Evaluating the Impact of Best Management

    Practices (BMPs) in Middle Suwannee Basin. Submitted to Florida Department of

    Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).

    40. Marine Algae and Aquatic Plants-Mediated Transformation of Organic Pollutants.

    Submitted to US Department of Energy

    (PI).---- NOT FUNDED ($(PI). Submitted to(PI) ----- NOT FUNDED ($ 20,000).(PI). ----- NOT FUNDED. ($ 299,997).(Co-PI). --------- AWARDED ($ 930,000).