Peer Reviewer Of Others

WORK (selected):

  1. Review of National Science Foundation Proposal: Hyperaccumulation of Arsenic in Fern ($ 2,500,000).
  2. JEQ manuscript Q98-322 entitled Transport of Ammonium and Nitrate in a Sandy Entisol: Comparison of Field Measurements and Model Simulations@ by S. Paramasivam, A.K. Alva and A. Fares. (From Associate Editor-J. Eviron. Qual.).
  3. JEQ manuscript Q-97-1 entitled ASensitivity of Minnesota glacial outwash soils to nitrate leaching using the CERES-Maize model@ by X.P. Pang, S.C. Gupta, J.F. Moncrief, C.J. Rosen, and H.H. Cheng. (From Associate Editor-J. Environ.Qual.).
  4. Proposal Reviewer for USDA-CSREES: USDA Tribal College Research Grant Program (2005).
    1. Wild Rice Ecosystem Recovery and Dynamics (DUNS # 879171015)
    2. The Aquatic Invasive Plant Species Entry Points Research Projecr (DUNS # 10-670-2558)
    3. Woolly elm aphid control during the establishment of juneberry (DUNS # 097896120)
    4. Monitoring the Microclimate of the Menominee Forest (DUNS # 956-801-608)
    5. Development of a sensitive assay to measure uranium (DUNS # 080648561)
    6. Impact of Devils Lake Outlet on Sheyene River Ecosystem (DUNS # 128663556)
    7. Shellfish Research and Technology Transfer to Tribal Entities (DUNS # 612456475-7389)
    8. Prescribed Fire as an Ecosystem management tool and its effect on culturally sensitive plants (DUNS # 113488399)
    9. Application of Greenhouse Forage Production on Tribal Lands (DUNS # 84-646-8027)
  5. REVIEW OF FLORIDA=S GENERIC STATE MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR PESTICIDES (From Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services).
  6. Review document on the ABest Management Practices for Agrichemical Handling and Farm Equipment Maintenance@ (From Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services).
  7. INTERNAL REVIEW OF PRELIMINARY STUDY IN TANZANIA by FAMU/FSU College of Engineering titled, AAffordable Biocomposites for Structural Engineering Applications@. (From Dr. Primus V. Mtenga - FAMU/FSU College of Engineering).
  8. Evaluation of LEACHM to Simulate Nitrogen Transport in a Sand Soil Profile by S. Paramasivam, A.K. Alva and A. Fares. (From Dr. Ali Fares - University of Florida).