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  • Small Ruminant Program
    This program provides educational opportunities and technical training and guidance to goat and sheep producers throughout the state of Florida.

Sheep Publications

Behavioral Principles of Livestock Handling (Colorado State University
Building and Construction Plans (Mississippi State University)
Building Your Own Equipment (Geocities)
Construction and Equipment (FAO Corporate Document Repository)
Farm Animal Care - Shelter Requirements (FAS.org)
Goat, Sheep and Rabbit Plans (University of Tennessee Extension)
Handling Sheep and Lambs (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Handling Facilities For Sheep (Adventures in Amateur Agriculture)
Housing and Working Facilities for Sheep (University of Mass Extension)
Housing Your Flock (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Idea Plan Sheep Housing, Fencing, Feeders and Equipment (Penn State)
Livestock Facilities (Maryland Small Ruminant Program)
Planning For A Farm Storage Building (Virginia Cooperative Extension)
Planning Guide to Farm Machinery Storage (Purdue University)
Planning Your Sheep Handling Facility (Ministry of Agriculture Food & Rural Affairs)
Starting A Sheep Enterprise (Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service)
Sheep 201: Housing (Maryland Small Ruminant Page
Sheep Care Guide (American Industry Sheep Association)
Sheep Facilities (Mississippi State University Extension)
Sheep Housing (Canada Plan Service)
Sheep Housing and Equipment Handbook (Iowa State University)
Sheep Housing and Handling (University of Mass Extension)
Sheep Housing Design Criteria (Penn State)
Sheep Plans (North Dakota State University)
Animal Health - Scrapie (USDA/APHIS)
Biosecurity on Sheep Farms (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Caseous Lymphadenitis of Sheep and Goats (Merck Veterinary Manual)
CAST Releases New Commentary on Transmission Risks of Pasteurellosis Between Domestic and Wild Sheep (The Science Source For Food Agricultural and Environmental Issues)
Coccidiosis of Sheep (Merck Veterinary Manual)
Contagious Ecthyma (Iowa State University)
Entrotoxemia (Overeating Disease) of Lambs (Iowa State University)
FAMACHA (Southern Consortium For Small Ruminant Parasite Control)
General Health Care of Sheep and Goats (Maryland Cooperative Extension)
Health and Diseases (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Intestinal Diseases in Sheep and Goats (Merck Veterinary Manual)
Johne's Information Center (University of Wisconsin)
Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service Evaluates FAMACHA (Kentucky State University)
Nairobi Sheep Disease (Iowa State University)
Sheep Production and Management: Sheep Health (New Mexico State University)
Open Directory - Health: Animal: Mammals: Sheep: Conditions and Diseases (DMOZ)
Pregnancy Toxemia in Ewes (Merck Veterinary Manual)
Preventing Diseases in Lambs (Purdue University)
Respiratory Diseases of Sheep and Goats: Introduction (Merck Veterinary Medicine)
Sheep Diseases (University of Minnesota)
Sheep Diseases A-Z (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Sheep Health (Iowa State University)
Sheep Health and Disease (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs)
Sheep Vet Online (Sheep Vet Australia)
Sick Sheep Is A Dead Sheep....or Maybe Not (Purdue University)
Summary of Diseases of Range Sheep (Utah State University Extension)
Transmitting Prion Diseases in Milk (Science Daily)
Udder Diseases of Sheep (Utah State University)
Urinary Calculi in Sheep and Goats (Maryland Cooperative Extension)
White Muscle Disease (Purdue University)
White Muscle Disease (WMD) in Sheep and Goats (Maryland Cooperative Extension)
Nutrition and Pasture Management
A Nutritional Guide to Feeding Pacific Northwest Barley to Ruminants (University of Idaho)
An Introduction to Feeding Small Ruminants
Breeding Herd Nutrition (Alliance Nutrition Inc.)
Dairy Sheep Nutrition (ATTRA)
Essential Nutrient Requirements of Sheep (New Mexico State University)
Feeding and Nutrition (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Feeding Barley to Sheep (North Dakota State University)
Feeding Lambs (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Feeding Management (Cornell University)
Feeding Ranage Sheep (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Feeding Sheep (Virginia Cooperative Extension)
Feeding Soy Hulls and Dried Distillers Grain with Soluble to Sheep (South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service)
Feeding the Ewe Flock (Purdue University)
Feeding the Lamb Crop (Purdue University)
Feeding Sheep Corn Silage (Ministry of Agriculture Food & Rural Affairs)
Nutrition (North Dakota State University)
Nutrition and Management of Sheep and Goats (Auburn University)
Nutrition and Management of Sheep and Goats (FAO Corporate Document Repository)
Nutrition Requirements of Sheep (Montana State University)
Nutrition: Sheep: Introduction (Merck Veterinary Manual)
Nutrition to Manage Parasites (Maryland Cooperative Extension)
NRC Nutrient Requirements of Sheep (Cornell University)
Replacing Hay with Grain (University of Florida)
Sheep Feeding, Nutrition and Pastures (Ministry of Agriculture Food & Rural Affairs)
Sheep Nutrition (New Mexico State University)
Sheep Nutrition and Feeding (Auburn University)
Sheep and Goat Nutrition Guideline (Alabama A&M University)
The Basics of Feeding Sheep (Purdue University)
The Truth About Grain - Feeding Grain to Small Ruminants (Maryland Cooperative Extension
Marketing and Markets For Sheep
Direct Marketing Lamb to Niche and Ethnic Markets (University of Illinois Extension)
Ethnic Holiday Calendar (Penn State)
Ethnic Holiday Calendar 2005-2010 (West Virginia Department of Agriculture)
Exploring Market Sheep with 4-H (Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service)
Goat and Sheep Marketing (Kentucky Department of Agriculture)
Hair Sheep Production and Marketing (Maryland Cooperative Extension)
Interpretation of Halal and Haram Foods (Cornell University)
Islamic Calendar (Islamic Moonsightings)
Livestock Marketing (Extension Agricultural Economics)
Livestock Marketing Association (LMA)
Livestock Sheep Report (USDA/Agricultural Marketing Service)
Marketing (ATTRA)
Marketing (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Marketing News (American Sheep Industry Association)
Marketing Out of the Mainstream (American Sheep Industry Association)
Marketing Services (Virginia Agriculture and Consumer Services)
Maryland Wool Pool (Shepherd's Notebook)
Niche Marketing for Small Ruminants (Alabama Cooperative Extension Service)
On-farm Marketing of Lambs and Slaughter Goats (Cornell University)
Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency
Producing and Selling Sheep and Goats to the Ethnic/Religious Meat Markets (Maryland Cooperative Extension)
Production Oriented Lamb Marketing (University of Kansas)
Sheep Goat Marketing Information (Cornell University)
Sheep Marketing Agency (Ontario Sheep)
Slaughter Lamb Marketing and Price Differences (Oklahoma State University)
Why Sell American Lamb (American Lamb Board)
Reproduction and Breeding Management
Applied Sheep Behavior (University of Tennessee)
Breeding in Sheep and Goats (National Department of Agriculture: West Cape)
Fertility Testing Rams Increases Profits (Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service)
Estrus Detection in Farm Animals (Farm Animal Management @ Purdue)
General Reproduction of Sheep (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Goats and Sheep (Merck Veterinary Manual)
Opportunities to Reduce Seasonality of Breeding in Sheep by Selection (American Sheep Industry)
Out-of-Season Breeding Alternatives for Sheep (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Foods and Rural Affairs)
Reproduction (Montana State University)
Reproduction in the Ewe (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Reproduction Management in the Ewe Flock by Induction or Synchronization of Estrus (West Virginia Agricultural and Forestry Exp. Station)
Reproduction Management of Sheep and Goats (Alabama Cooperative Extension System)
Reproduction Management of the Ewe Flock and the Ram (Purdue University)
Sheep and Their Sex Life (Purdue University)
Sheep Management Schedule (Virginia Cooperative Extension)
Synchronizing Estrus (New Mexico State University)
Tips to Make the Upcoming Sheep and Breeding Season Successful (Colorado Extension Service)
Predator Control
Alternative Methods of Predator Control (Texas Dept. of Agric.)
Guard Dogs for Predator Control (University of Missouri)
Historical Perspective on Coyote Control Methods (USDA/APHIS)
Housing, Fencing, Working Facilities & Predators
Interpreting the Physical Evidence of Predation on Domestic Livestock (University of Florida)
Livestock Guarding Dogs Protecting Sheep From Predators (USDA/APHIS)
Missouri's Coyotes (Missouri Dept. of Conservation)
Predation (Texas A&M University)Predators! (Dairy Goat Journal)
Predation and Predator Control (Foxes, Wolves, Jackals and Dogs)
Predator Control For Sustainable & Organic Livestock Production (ATTRA)
Magazines and Other Resources
Living with Sheep: Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Flock
Sheep: Small-Scale Sheep Keeping for Pleasure and Profit (Hobby Farms)
Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep
Sheep Book: Handbook For the Modern Shepherd
Sheep Magazine
Sheep Nutrition
Sheep Raiser's Manual
Sheep: Life on the Soothe Dakota Range
The World Market for Frozen Sheep Meat: A 2009 Global Trade Perspectiv
Judging Sheep
Judging 101.com
Judging White Romney Sheep (The American Romney Breeders Association)
Listing of Sheep Show Judges (U.S. Sheep Breeders Online Directory)
Mississippi 4-H Livestock Judging Manual - Sheep (Mississippi Extension Service)
Online Sheep Show
Livestock Judging (Georgia 4-H Livestock Program)
Livestock Judging Guide (Kansas State University - Manhattan)
Livestock and Meat Evaluation Teaching Aids (University of Florida)
Sheep Judging and Evaluation (Purdue University)
Sheep Selection (Penn State)
Steps to Judging Sheep (Daneke Club Lambs and Livestock)
South Dakota State University Livestock Judging Manual (South Dakota State University)
The Judging Connection.com
What About Showing Pros & Cons (Sheep Magazine)
Wool Judging For Beginners (Gleason's Fine Woolies, Lyons, Colorado
Breeds of Sheep
Breeds of Sheep (Oklahoma State University)
Sheep Breeds A-Z (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Directory of Breeds (American Sheep Industry Association)
Breeds of Goats (Fias Co Farm)
Agriculture Laws
Alabama Farmers Agricultural Law Guidebook (Alfa Farmers)
Animal Cruelty Statues For Alabama (National Agricultural Law Center)
Environmental Laws Affecting State Agriculture (The National Association of the State Department of Agriculture)
Enviornmental Regulations Affecting Agricultural Land Use In Alabama (Alabama Cooperative Extension)
Florida Solid and Hazardous Waste Regulation Handbook: Composting
Department of Agricultural Law Enforcement - Florida
Handbook of Florida Agricultural Laws
State Environmental Laws Affecting Florida Agriculture (The National Association of State Department of Agriculture)
The National Agriculture Center
Magazines and Other Resources
Livestock Care and Management Swine, Sheep, Goats (Chipbooks)
Livestock Judging (eNasco)
Livestock Judging Videos (CEV Multimedia)
Living with Sheep: Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Flock
Practice Livestock Judging l DVD (eNasco)
Sheep: Small-Scale Sheep Keeping for Pleasure and Profit (Hobby Farms)
Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep
Sheep Book: Handbook For the Modern Shepherd
Sheep Magazine
Sheep Nutrition
Sheep Raiser's Manual
Sheep: Life on the Soothe Dakota Range
The World Market for Frozen Sheep Meat: A 2009 Global Trade Perspective
Other Publications
Managing in Tough Times (University of Florida)
Managing in Tough Times (Lousianna State University)
Managing in Toucgh Times (Purdue University)
Managing Money in Tough Times (Texas A&M University)