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  • Small Ruminant Program
    This program provides educational opportunities and technical training and guidance to goat and sheep producers throughout the state of Florida.

Goat Publications


FACILITIES  (Note from WebMaster - I am working on fixing the broken links)
Beginning a Meat Goat Enterprise
Building and Planning Resources: Plans Section
Efficient Handling of Meat Goats
Establishing a Facility for Meat Goats
The Agricultural Building and Equipment Plan
Facilities (University of Georgia)
Facilities (University of Kentucky)
Housing, Equipment and Fencing
Facilities For Your Dairy Doe
Facilities For Your Market Wethers
Feeding and Housing Dairy Goats
Fencing Cost Calculator (University of Kentucky)
General Overview of Meat Goat Production
Goats, Sheep and Rabbit Plans (University of Tennessee)
Goat Facilities
Goat Housing and Equipment Plans from Penn State
Goat Shelters
Housing and Equipment
Housing and Facilities (Purdue University)
Housing and Working Facilities for Goats
Housing Fencing and Tethering
Housing Goats
Housing, Fencing, Working Facilities & Predators
Housing, Stress and Welfare of Sheep and Goats -USDA
Housing: Plunges; Salt Boxes
How to Build Shelters For Fainting Goats
How to: Build a Quonset Hut Shelter For Goats and Other Animals
Idea Plan Goat Housing and Equipment (Penn State)
Raising Goats For Meat (Maryland Cooperative Extension)
Sheep and Goat Housing (FAO)
A Healthy Herd Can Impact Productivity (Florida A&M University)
An Eye Test For Barber Pole Worm (USDA/ARS)
External Parasites of Goats and Sheep (University of Florida)
Coccidiosis is Goats (North Carolina State University)
Common Diseases (Merck Manual)
Common Internal Parasites of Goats in Florida (University of Florida)
Control of Parasites in Goats (Florida A&M University)
Controlling Goat Parasites – Is it a Losing Battle
Description and Life Cycles of Some Parasites that Infect Goats
Diarrhea (Scours) in Small Ruminants (Maryland Cooperative Extension)
Diseases of Small Ruminants (Smallstock in Development)
Drugs (Anthelmintics) Used to Control Internal Parasites in Livestock (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Emerging Concepts in Small Ruminant Parasite Control
External and Internal Parasite Control (Alabama Cooperative Extension System)
External Parasites (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
External Parasites (The Biology of the Goat)
External Parasites of Goats (Oklahoma State University)
External Parasites of Sheep and Goats (University of Florida)
FAMACHA-(Southern Consortium For Small Ruminant Parasite Control)
Gastrointestinal Parasite Management of Meat Goats
Gastro-Intestinal Parasite Parasites Survival Kit For Goats (University of Kentucky & Kansas State University)
Goat Diseases and Farm Herd – Health Safety (Lincoln University)
Goat External Parasites – Arthropods (eXtension Community Practice for Goats)
Goat Parasites (Penn State)
Haemonchus contortus and the FAMACHA@System (Smallstock in Development)
Herd Health Program For Dairy Goats (University of Arkansas)
Herd Health Program For Meat Goats (University of Arkansas)
How to Order FAMACHA Charts
Internal and External Parasites for Goats (Louisiana State University)
Internal Parasites (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Internal Parasites (The Biology of Goats)
Internal Parasites in Your Small Ruminants: Management is on the Outside (University of Vermont)
Johne’s Information Center (University of Wisconsin)
Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service Evaluates FAMACHA (Kentucky State University)
Ketosis or Pregnancy Toxemia in the Doe (Sweetlix Livestock Supplement System)
Managing Internal Parasites in Sheep and Goats (ATTRA)
Managing Internal Parasitism in Sheep and Goats - AS-573-W (Purdue University)
Metabolic and Nutritional Diseases (Goat Handbook)
Metabolic and Nutritional Diseases of Goats (Ministry of Agriculture – Food & Rural Affairs)
National Scrapie Eradication Program
Parasite Control in Dairy Goats, Know the Enemy! (Dairy Goat Journal)
Parasite Problem Growing in Goats (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Associations
Parasite Resistance – Significance For U.S. Sheep and Goat Producers (Agriculture and Natural Resources)
Parasites Southern Consortium For Small Ruminant Parasite Control (SCSRPC)
Practical Management of Internal Parasites in Goats
Pregnancy Toxemia and Ketosis (Merck Veterinary Manual, Goat Medicine)
Pregnancy Toxemia in Ewes and Does (Maryland Cooperative Extension)
Pregnancy Toxemia in Goats (Florida A&M University)
Preventative Health Strategies for Pasture Based Goat Herds (University of Minnesota)
Reportable And Foreign Animals Diseases (USDA/FSIS)
Scrapie and Goats (Iowa Dept. of Ag. and Land Stewardship)
Sheep and Goat Diseases Outline From A to Z (Agri-View)
Skin Diseases of Sheep and Goats (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Strategic Parasite Control In Goats
Strategies to Control Parasites in Goats (University of Kentucky)
Tools for Managing Internal Parasites in Small Ruminants: Sericea Lespedeza (ATTRA)
What Diseases of Sheep and Goats are Reportable (eXtension Community of Practice for Goats)
What is Pregnancy Toxemia in Goats and Sheep? Can it be Prevented (Oklahoma State Uni.)
An Introduction to Feeding Small Ruminants
Dairy Goats For Family Milk Supply (Oregon State University)
Feeding and Housing Dairy Goats (University of Missouri)
Feeding Management of A Meat Goat Herd (Tuskegee University)
Feeding Meat Goats (ATTRA)
Feeding the Market Goat (Penn State)
Feeding the Pregnant and Milking Doe (Langston University)
Goat Nutrition (eXtension Community Practice For Goats)
Goat Nutrition (Penn State University)
Goat Nutrition (Purina Mills)
Goat Nutrition Glossary (eXtension Community Practice For Goats)
Goat Nutrition Publication (University of Kentucky)
Nutrition 101 (University of Tennessee)
Nutrition and Pasture Management For Meat Goats (Florida A&M University)
Nutrition of Meat Goats (North Carolina A&T University)
Nutrition Requirements for Goats (Langston University)
Ration Balancer and Nutrient Requirement (Langston University)
Ruminant Nutrition (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Sheep and Goat Nutrition Guideline (Alabama A&M University)
Alternative in Dairy Goat Product Market (USDA/ARS)
Dairy Goats: Sustainable Production (ATTRA)
Empire State Meat Goat Producer’s Association
Equity Cooperative Livestock Sale
Goat Rancher
Managing and Showing Market Goats (University of Arkansas)
Market Goat Showmanship (Mississippi State University Extension)
Market News and Transportation (USDA)
Market News Reports (Tennessee Dept. of Ag.)
Marketing (ATTRA)
Marketing (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
Marketing Channels For Meat Goats
Marketing Commodities Livestock Markets For Sheep and Goats (University of Arkansas)
Marketing Directory (Cornell University)
Marketing Meat Goats (Penn State)
Marketing of Meat Goats (University of Arkansas)
Marketing Slaughter Goats and Goat Meat (Langston University)
Markets and Industries (Agricultural Marketing Resource Center)
Meat Goat Breeds, Breeding Management, and 4-H Market Goat Management (University of Minnesota)
Meat Goat Market (Jack & Anita Mauldin)
Mid-Atlantic Meat Goat and Lamb Marketing Coop
National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) For Goats and Sheep
North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services
Selecting Your Market Goat (University of Tennessee/Extension)
The Buckeye Meat Goat Marketing Alliance
Training, Grooming and Showing Market Goats (Washington State University)
USDA Marketing Reports
Breeding and Kidding Management in the Goat Herd (North Carolina State University)
Evaluating and Preparation of the Meat Goat Breeding Herd (North Carolinas State Uni.)
Fresh Doe and Newborn Kid Management (University of Minnesota)
General Reproduction (Maryland Small Ruminant Page)
General Reproduction (Penn State)
Goat Reproduction (eXtension Community Practice For Goats)
Goat Reproduction (Langston University)
Goat Reproduction Nutrition Impacts Reproduction (eXtension Community of Practice For Goats)
Goat Reproduction Preparing For the Breeding Season (eXtension Community Practice of Goats)
Goat Reproduction Puberty and Sexual Maturity (eXtension Community Practice For Goats)
Heat Detection and Breeding in Meat Goats (North Carolina State University)
Increasing Successful Reproduction Among Goats (Alabama A&M University and Auburn Universities)
Inducing Kidding in Goats (Goat World)
Learning Reproduction in Farm Animals
Management of Reproduction: Goats (Merck Veterinary Manual)
Meat Goat Breeds and Breeding Plans (Langston University)
On-Farm Performance Testing For Meat Goat Doe Herds (Tennessee State University)
Overview of Artificial Insemination of Kentucky Meat and Dairy Goats
Pennsylvania Buck Test Data (Penn State)
Raising Goats for Profit in South Florida (University of Florida)
Reproduction (FAO Corporate Document Repository)
Reproduction and Breeding of Dairy Goats (University of Maine)
Reproduction Management (National Goat Handbook)
Reproduction Management of Goats and Sheep (Florida A&M University)
Reproduction Management of Sheep and Goat (Alabama Cooperative Extension System)
Reproductive Management of the Meat Goat (Virginia State University)
Reproductive Problems of the Doe
Sheep and Goat Management in Alberta Reproduction (Alberta Goat Breeders Association)
Successfully Breeding Goats (University of Florida)
Symbols in Dairy Goat Breeding (Goat Handbook)
The Biology of the Goat
The Biology of the Goat Reproduction
USDA _ DHIA Buck Evaluations For Milk and Fat (Goat Handbook)
Your Dairy Goat (University of California)
Breeding and Kidding Management (Penn State)
Breeding Management (Merck Veterinary Manual)
A Beginner’s Guide To Breeding Your Goat
Goats: Breeding and Kidding Management (University of Missouri)
Goat Breeding Software
Addressing the Consequences of Predator Damage to Livestock and Poultry (Virginia Coop. Extension)
Alternativ Methods of Predator Control (Texas Dept. of Agric.)
Guard Dogs for Predator Control (University of Missouri)
Guard Llamas An Alternative For Effective Predator Management (International Lama Registry)
Historical Perspective on Coyote Control Methods (USDA/APHIS)
Housing, Fencing, Working Facilities & Predators
Interpreting the Physical Evidence of Predation on Domestic Livestock (University of Florida)
Livestock Guardian Dogs and Predators
Missouri's Coyotes (Missouri Dept. of Conservation)
Predation (Texas A&M University)
Predators! (Dairy Goat Journal)
Predation and Predator Control (Foxes, Wolves, Jackals and Dogs)
Predator Control For Sustainable & Organic Livestock Production (ATTRA)
Snake River Llamas
Understanding Predator Management in Alaska
4-H and Youth Judging
Angoar Goat Selection (Goat Handbook)
Buck Selection (eHow - Video)
Cashmere Goats (University of California)
Goat Selection (Langston University)
How to Select Milk Goats (eHow)
Judging 101
Judging Market Goats in Tennessee (University of Tennessee)
Meat Goat Selection and Care (Mississippi State University Extension)
Rutherford County 4-H Livestock Judging (YouTube Video)
Selecting and Evaluating Goats for Meat Production (Florida A&M University)
Selecting Foundation and Replacement Goats (University of Kentucky)
Selecting Meat Goats (Penn State)
Selecting Mohair (Ronan Country Fibers)
Selecting Show Wethers (Jack & Anita Mauldin)
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy: Goats
Breeds of Goats  (Fias Co Farm)
Breeds of Livestock - Goats (Oklahoma State University)
Different Breeds of Goats (eHow.com)
Goat Breeds
Heritage Breeds of Goats
American Small Farm
Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Goat Rancher
Goat Tracks Magazines
Farmer's Market Online
Hobby Farms
Homesteader's Connection
Livestock Weekly
Meat Goat Monthly News
Metro Farm
Mini Farm Homestead
New England Grown.com
New Zealand Lifestyle Farmer
Popular Farming: Goats
The Boer Goat Magazine
The Goat Keeper Magazine
The Goat World Magazine
Ranch and Rural Living
Small Farmer's Journal
Small Farm Today
The National  Agriculture Law Center