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  • Small Ruminant Program
    This program provides educational opportunities and technical training and guidance to goat and sheep producers throughout the state of Florida.

Training Team

Angela McKenzie-Jakes
(Program Coordinator)
Specialty: Reproduction Management, Risk Management and Record Keeping
Florida A&M University
Phone: 850-875-8557
Email: angela.mckenziejakes@famu.edu

Godfrey Nurse (Animal Scientists)

Specialty: Small Ruminant Nutrition
Florida A&M University
Phone: 850 -875 – 8559

Jean Beaudouin (Animal Scientist)
Specialty: Small & Large Ruminant Nutrition
Florida A&M University
Phone: 850-875-8559
Email: jjbeaudouin@yahoo.com

Oghenekome Onokpise (Associate Dean)
Specialty: Forestry & Natural Resources
Florida A&M University
Phone: 850-599-8816
Email: o.onokpise@att.net

Gerry Bryant (Animal Technician)
Specialty: Production and Management
Florida A&M University
Phone: 850-875-8555
Email: GERRYM.BRYANT_777@yahoo.com

Les Harrison (Regional Specialized Sustainable Agriculture and Extension & Technology Agent)
Specialty: Marketing , Business and Risk Management
University of Florida
Phone: 850-606-5202
Email: HarrisonG@leoncountyfl.gov

Gilbert Queeley (Agricultural Economist/ Statistician)
Specialty: Economic Development
Florida A&M University
Phone: 850-412-5255
Email: gilbert.queeley@famu.edu

Pam Hunter, DVM (Veterinarian Manager)
Specialty: Herd Health
Florida Dept. of Agric. (DOACS)
Phone: 850-410-0947
Email: hunterp@doacs.state.fl.us

Norma Tillman (Master Gardener and Master Goat Producer)
Specialty: Poisonous plants & Herbs
Florida A&M University
Phone: 386-303 -1361
Email: 147@windstream.net

Donna Salters (Business Development Specialist)
Specialty: Business Education Training Specialist
Florida A&M University
Phone: 850-599-3546
Email: donna.salters@famu.edu