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    This program provides educational opportunities and technical training and guidance to goat and sheep producers throughout the state of Florida.

Master Farmer Program

About the Program

The Master Farmer Program has been designed to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage their crop and/or livestock enterprises successfully.  The program consists of several core classes which ever participant seeking to become a Master Farmer must take. After completion of the core classes, the participant must then select at least one track to receive additional training. To become certified the producer must attend every class, take the pre-test, take the post test (pass with a score of 70% or above) and pass an on-farm inspection.  We also offer a non-certification track for those producers, students or agricultural professionals who want to participate in the training activities, but are not interested in becoming certified. Individuals that take the non-certification track will not be required to have an on-farm inspection. The Master Farmer Program is a comprehensive training program which offers classes in the following areas:

Core Classes:

  • Goal Setting
  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Using Enterprise Budgets
  • Financial Mangement
  • Marketing 
  • Legal Issues
  • Risk Managment for Crop and Livestock Producers
  • Filing Taxes
  • Leadership Development
  • Cooperative Development
  • Federal and State Agencies
  • Farm Credit
  • Computer ad Printer Basics 
  • Farm Equipment and Safety


  • Crop Production
  • Small Ruminant Production
  • Cattle Production


The Master Farmer Program is a joint initiative between the Cooperative Extension Program at Florida A&M University, Southeastern Small Farmer's Network, Farm Credit and the University of Florida.


Program Objective

The objective of this program is to provide educational training opportunities to help socially disadvantaged farmers and minority farmers and ranchers retain ownership of their land, increase their participation in USDA programs, promote the development of a new generation of farmers and provide SDMFR's with the necessary skills to select and manage enterprises that will bring profitable returns on their investment.