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Marketing Updates


Golden Acres Ranch




Report submitted by Mrs. Bobbie Golden owner of Golden Acres Ranch


LakeEllaGrowers Market
Wednesday, April 13, 2011
3:00 PM to Dusk

We have lamb chops! And Ground! And Shanks! And Leg Roast! A variety of goat cuts too! Sorry all out of goat and lamb sausage. As always, we'll have our samples of Mayhaw Jelly and Cranberry Sauce.

We are bringing along special guests this week, nope sorry not Walker the goat, but even better. Full Moon Apiary owners Becky and/or Tony Hogg will be there. We are featuring their honey this week. They have over 100 hives and can answer all those questions about nutrition, color, sweetness and more. Becky is the talented artist that makes products with the honeycomb (bees wax). Tony's the hive keeper and can help get you started with raising bees. So stop by to see us.

Their shop of honey, other bee products and supplies are available at Tupelo's Bakery and Cafe in Monticello everyday.


South Music Rising in Monticello 
Saturday, April 16,
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Who's playing. We will be there Saturday with our Jelly, Cranberry Sauce and Honey. You can pick up Lamb and Goat at Johnston's Meat Locker that day.


Mayhaw Harvest Festival - May 2011
Saturday, May 14 and Sunday May 15

We are busy preparing for the Mayhaw Farm Festival; clearing out fallen limbs and such. Last year we harvested 700 pounds and expect even more this year. Folks came the day of the festival to buy the mayhaws freshly harvested. Those berries not bought fresh are used for jelly making throughout the year. We also have access to naturally raised blueberries from a neighbor here in Jefferson County. They are not treated with chemicals, however, they are big, beautiful and plentiful. The jelly and jam business has grown considerably. We do have help harvesting the berries but I do all the jelly and jam making myself.

You can sign up for Mayhaw Berry Farm Festival report here. And you can keep up with events through our blog.

Orchard Pond Organics at Market Square
8:00 AM to Noonish

Orchard Pond Organics are at Market Square every week and have Golden Acres Ranch, LLC lamb available. We can get special cuts to them so give us a call at (850) 997-6599 or send an email to bobbie.golden@gmail.comand we will get it to them for you.

Johnston's Meat Market

Johnston's Meat Market is your southeast connection for grass/forage fed and hormone-free beef, pork, goat and lamb. They custom cut cattle and wild game, and they carry all our cuts of lamb and goat - but I'd call ahead to be sure they have the piece you want. They do have the lamb sausage on hand. Call them at (850) 997-5622, or go to their website.

Bobbie's Note: Come out US 90 (Tennessee/Mahan) to Jefferson County (Washington Street). It is such a pleasant drive. You will see Johnston's Old Fashioned Meat Market on your left as you come east into Monticello. You can then continue on to the many other shops, restaurants and historic sites all located in and around town. The Jefferson County Courthouse is the center of the round-a-bout that takes you north and south on US 19 (Jefferson Street).


Red Hills Online Market
Order local food weekly

This new market has just begun to reach out to the population in this area. We can't always get to the physical markets even though we want to support them wholeheartedly. This is another way to make our product available to our customers. We list weekly. I'm just learning how to make the best of the tool so everything we have doesn't show just yet. I'm getting there and you can find many other products, vegetables, beef, dairy, just to name a few. from local sources. Give it a look.

Lafayette StreetGrowers Market 
To be announced
Just once a month for now.


Killearn Growers Market at Four Oaks Center 
To be announced
Just once a month for now.


Links to friends of ours:
Deep Roots Meats - All cuts of Grass (Forage Fed) Angus Beef. This farm is located in Greenville, Florida. Their product is at Johnston's Meat Locker in Monticello and New Leaf Market. Check their website for their schedule to Melbourne and Fernandina Beach. They will bring lamb and goat to you when they are there

Tupelo's Bakery and Cafe - Uses natural and organic products in their baked goods, quiches, soups and salads. They are supporters of the local farmer. Kim's specialty is beautifully decorated cakes. 

Turkey Hill Farm - They grow vegetables and fruits for market. In Fall, Winter and Spring look for traditional Southern greens, Asian greens, lettuces, arugula, carrots, turnips, brassicas, radishes, scallions, green garlic, turmeric and ginger roots, and Satsumas.

Pan-Handlers Kitchen Supplies - Pan-Handlers Kitchen is your locally owned and operated kitchen supply store serving home and professional cooks in Tallahassee and surrounding areas.  Watch for classes on cooking lamb, goat and jelly making at their location just off Lake Ella.

O'Toole's Herb Farm - Fresh-cut herbs and greens, and shiitake mushrooms. Two gift shops of herbal products, regional are, gardening supplies and organic products. They are located in Madison.

Heavenly Homestead Farm- Producing clean and delicious food in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. poultry, eggs and pork.

Tallahassee Downtown Marketplace - A great farmers market and we'll be back when they open again in the Spring. They're open every Saturday. I'll try to get there myself soon.

Full Moon Apiary Honey- These Monticello Beekeepers supply a full line of honey utilizing locations all over north Florida. Just try a taste of their Wild Flower or Aucilla River honey.


If you would like your marketing news posted on this site, please send your information to angela.mckenziejakes@famu.edu. Include the date, time, location, contact information and name of your event  in your email.