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In 1983, Florida A&M University (FAMU), College of Agriculture and Food Sciences (CAFS) recognized the role meat goats could play in complementing existing agricultural production systems. Faculty and staff at FAMU therefore, shifted their research and extension efforts to evaluating goat production as an alternative enterprise for small-scaled farmers. Nutrition and reproduction studies provided valuable data on the economics of raising goats under optimum conditions. Other studies were conducted to determine the cost effectiveness of raising goats under alternative production systems, evaluating goat production through the intromission of Boer genetics and determining the effects of diet and management on carcass traits, composition and palatability of young goats.... (read more)

Florida Meat Goat Feasibility Study: A Farmers Survey

Dear Producers,

In an effort to better understand the meat goat industry in the state of Florida as it relates to farmers, vendors and consumers we are asking for your participation in answering a few questions on this farmers survey. This survey was developed by Floridia A&M University's Cooperative Extension Program, the Florida Meat Goat Association, and  the University of Florida IFAS Extension. This feasibility study was funded by Southern SARE, the Producer Grant Program. Your responses to this survey are very important and will help in advancing research and educational information on marketing of goats in this state....(read more)

Farm Festival

Florida A&M University’s (FAMU), Cooperative Extension Program will be hosting its second Annual Farm Festival. The festival is scheduled for June 11th, 2011 at FAMU Research and Extension Center located on 4259 Bainbridge (Hwy.) road in Quincy, FL. The FAMU Farm Fest 2011 is designed to promote the many educational activities and support services offered through the Cooperative Extension Program at FAMU. This annual event will highlight new and improved technologies for crop production, small ruminant production and demonstrated the environmentally-friendly practicces and stewardship used in the natural relationship that exists between agriculture, the economy and the environment. Registration is free.  For additional information, please contact Angela McKenzie-Jakes at 850-875-8552 or

Annie's Project for Women in Agriculture

Annie's ProjectThe 2011 launching of Annie’s Project in Florida is a national program developed to empowerwomen  farmers and ranchers. This event is scheduled for June 3rd, June 4th, June 17th, June 18th, June 24th,  and June 24th, 2011. This is a six day training program and each session is 3.5 hours in length. Registration is limited to 20 participants so you are encouraged to register early. The purpose of the program is to help agricultural women gain entrepreneurial skills to be able to successfully operate their farms. In addition, Annie’s Project will help women find new ways to balance demands of family, community and professionalism within the agricultural community. Sessions will combine lecture, discussion, individual and small group activities and software training. Registration is now open. The training schedule and registration application are now available for downloading. For additional information, please contact Angela McKenzie-Jakes at 850-875-8552 or

Florida Small Farms Alternative Enterprises Conference 


Florida has nearly 47,463 farms. Calculated on an area or on an economic basis, nearly 90% of all Florida farms are small farms. Florida is unique in that there was an 8% increase in farm numbers from 2002 to 2007, essentially all in the small farm category.

Recent increased efforts to meet the educational needs of small farmers in Florida became visible through the work of the University of Florida/IFAS and Florida A&M University Small Farms Focus Team. Efforts have included the development of an extensive website specifically targeted at small farmer needs. The site ( receives over 100,000 hits monthly and includes a calendar of small farms events and a Feature Farmer page. Recent increased efforts to meet the educational needs of small farmers in Florida became visible through the work of the  (read more)

Small Ruminant Calendar for 2011

Small Ruminant Calendar

Personnel at Florida A&M University  have found this calendar beneficial in maintaining optimum health and increasing production levels in theuniversity’s goat herd. However, this calendar should only be used as a guideline for managing your herd or flock  during the course of the year. Keep in mind that environmental conditions vary from region to region, so some of the activities that are recommended for producers in the southeast, particularly in Florida (i.e., Vitamin E/Se: the soil is deficient in selenium in the state of Florida) may not be applicable for animals raiseded in other regions in the U.S. Furthermore, economics may also play a vital role in which practicesare feasible and practical for your farm and which are not. Click here to download 2011 calendar.

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