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In 1983, Florida A&M University (FAMU), College of Agriculture and Food Sciences (CAFS) recognized the role meat goats could play in complementing existing agricultural production systems. Faculty and staff at FAMU therefore, shifted their research and extension efforts to evaluating goat production as an alternative enterprise for small-scaled farmers. Nutrition and reproduction studies provided valuable data on the economics of raising goats under optimum conditions. Other studies were conducted to determine the cost effectiveness of raising goats under alternative production systems, evaluating goat production through the intromission of Boer genetics and determining the effects of diet and management on carcass traits, composition and palatability of young goats.... (read more)

Small Ruminant Program

2014 Master Goat and Sheep Certification Program 


Training Dates: May 2nd, 3rd, 16th, 17th, 30th, 31st and June 7th

The Master Goat and Sheep Producer’s Certification Program is a comprehensive training program which offers classes in the   nutrition management, herd health, marketing, risk management, financial management, pasture management and so much more. 

The New Schedule is Posted Below 

2014 Master Goat and Sheep Certification Program schedule

On-line Registration is OPEN!!!


Contact Person:  Angela McKenzie-Jakes 

850 - 875 -8552  or

2014 Master Farmer Program


Training Dates for the Core Classes:  March 14th, 15th, 28th, 29th and April

Training Dates for the Crop Production Classes: April 12th, 25th, 26th,  May 9th and June 7th

Training Dates for the Basic Cattle Production Classes:  April 12th,  25th and June 7th

Training Dates for Small Ruminant Production Classes: Refer to the Master Goat and Sheep schedule for training dates

*** The core classes are a requirement before taking any crop production, cattle production or small ruminant production courses

                      The Master Farmer Program is a comprehensive training program which offers classes in marketing, leadership development, estate planning, computer basics, grant writing, crop and livestock production and so much more.

The New Schedule is Posted Below

2014 Master Farmer Program schedule

Registration information will be available shortly

Contact Person:  Mr. Gilbert Queeley

850 - 412 -5255 or

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