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    Center for Viticultural Sciences
    The mission of the Center for Viticultural Sciences and Small Fruit Research is to conduct research and provide service and support that will help the viticulture industry in Florida to become a viable industry (Florida Viticulture Policy Act, 1978).
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    Veterinary Technology
    Advances in both veterinary medicine technology and technique are the fuel firing the increased demand for well-trained individuals to work as veterinary technologists.
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Pre-Veterinary Course Descriptions

AGG 2004 Introduction to Agricultural Science (1)
This course has been designed to create an awareness, provide introductory experiences, and develop an understanding of all areas of Agricultural Sciences, Agribusiness, Animal Science, Entomology and Structural Pest Control, Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Design, Agronomy, Food Science, and Agricultural Education.

ANS 3006 Introduction to Animal Science (4)
Prereq: BSC 1005 or higher biological science. A study of the basic principles of breeding, feeding, care and management of animals and the marketing and processing of animals and their products. Also includes a survey of the cattle, swine, poultry, dairy and other animal industries.

ANS 3244 Beef Production Cattle Production (3)
Prereq: ANS 3006. Place of beef cattle in modern ranch operations: methods of selection, breeding, feeding and management for maximum economic production. Lecture/Lab.

ANS 3232 Equine Science & Management Training

ANS 4080 Animal Science Expt

ANS 3463 Feeds and Feeding (3)
Prereq: ANS 3006; CHM 1045, 1046. Various types of feeds and their value in feeding livestock, and cost of ration.

ANS 4931 Animal Science Seminar (1)
Prereq: ANS 3006; 3264; 3244. Preparation and presentation of oral and written reports on past and present subjects in animal science or selected areas.

ANS 3311 Reproduction of Farm Animals

VME 4117 Animal Sanitation and Disease Control (3)
Prereq: ANS 3006; MCB 3020 Economically important diseases and parasites of livestock discussed from the standpoint of causes, spread, protection, and treatment.

ANS 3264 Swine Production Swine Science (3)
Prereq: ANS 3006. Place of swine on the farm and modern methods and trends in selection, feeding, housing and managing swine for efficient production.

ANS 4445 Animal Nutrition (3)
Prereq: CHM 1046; ANS 3006. The application of nutrition to farm animals including the nutrient requirements and functions. Discussion of types of feeds and their value in feeding livestock, cost of ration, and formulation of ration. Lecture/Lab.

ANS 4932 Special Problems

ANS 4291 Incubation & Brooding Poultry Production. (4)
Prereq: ANS 3006; ASG 3413. Role of poultry in agricultural economy, incubation and brooding, types of feeds, poultry ration formulation and production of poultry meat and eggs.