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Thread: Farm Economic Status

Created on: 04/21/10 12:34 PM

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Farm Economic Status
04/21/10 12:34 PM

An Analysis of the Socio-Economic Status of African American Farms in Florida Using Mapping Software and Census Data
Aymbriana Campbell1*, Gilbert Queeley2

1*Florida A&M University - College of Engineering Sciences Technology and Agriculture– International Studies-Tallahassee, FL 32307
2 Florida A&M University - College of Engineering Sciences Technology and Agriculture– -Tallahassee, FL 32307
*Aymbriana Campbell
There is mounting evidence that farming is no longer sustainable for African American farmers. This is apparent through the departure of thousands of this underserved group from agriculture. At one time, close to one million African American Farmers were engaged in agriculture. Today, less than 50,000 remain, with only 1,269 African American farmers in the state of Florida. The objective of this project was to explore the socio-economic status of African American farmers compared to White farmers, and identify factors that prevent African American farms from being profitable. Data from the Census of Agriculture as well as the Census Bureau was utilized to create data maps and perform statistical analyses to highlight this information. The study identified several critical barriers to the development of African American farms. For example, throughout the entire state of Florida, only four African American farms qualified for farm loans. Compared to their White counterparts, this represented less than 0.01 percent of all African American farms. The market value of their sales was also a mere $1,798.66 per farm. The new directions dictated by modern agriculture demands immediate intervention to help underserved farmers and ranchers to be competitive. Information garnered from this study can be useful to Government officials, Land Grant institutions and other groups charged with the responsibility of returning African American farms to profitability.

*Key Words: Microsoft MapPoint, Sustainable, Socio-economic Inequity, Underserved Citizens, Profitability, Land Grant Institutions

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